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Any type of vehicle is a considerable investment. As time goes by, it depreciates in quality and performance. However, this depreciation can be stopped and even halted if proper care is taken of the vehicle regularly. Whether your vehicle is a car, a bike, an SUV or even a boat, AutoShine has the perfect product for it. You can be rest assured that our car care supplies are of the finest quality because AutoShine has been in the business since 1990 in New Zealand.

Perhaps the best thing about these car care products is that they are environmentally safe. As such, these are suitable not just for your vehicles, but also for domestic use as well! These may be made for heavy duty use, but are mild enough to be used at home. If you like any of the items on our website, contact us! You can buy the car care products online through credit card, or just by calling us! We ship products within 24 hours of your payment being cleared.


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Maintaining your car Fast and Safe

car polishes With so much emphasis on car buying, few people consider the maintenance requirements of an automobile. The modern car may have as many as 75,000 parts, and the malfunction of just one can make you...

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Environmental Responsibility

Exclusive car cleaning product Environmental Responsibility is a priority which affects everyone at Autoshine. Carbon emissions, water, waste, materials….they're all factors that influence the decisions we make, every working...

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Window Cleaning

car fragrance Cleaning car windows can be a pain without the right products and techniques. Often people set out with Windex and paper towels to clean their windows but end up with streaks and paper towel fiber...

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