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Waterless Car Wash: Five Common Myths Unveiled!

Waterless Car Wash: Five Common Myths Unveiled!

Are you still unsure about waterless car washes? If this is your case, then most probably you have fallen prey to some of the pre-established misconceptions surrounding it. To clear out your clouded beliefs, let’s expose some of the common myths regarding these cleaners and bring out its beneficial side.

 1. It Will Cause Unsightly Scratches On My Car!

Scratches are of course not caused by a car wash, but these are definitely an outcome of wrong technique and inappropriate cleaning tools. The first and foremost thing is to go for a quality microfiber towel, weighing 300 GSM. Now, that you have it, consider the ‘wipe and lift’ technique to prevent the dirt particles from leaving scratches on the car’s surface. Finally, use your common sense when dealing with the muddy surfaced automobile. You will need to pre-rinse it before using the waterless formula.

2. It Is Not Actually ‘Waterless’ If You Have To Soak The Microfiber Towel In Water To Decontaminate It

Absolutely using no aqua is not what ‘waterless’ is all about because although it’s desirable, it’s not realistic. Authentically, it refers to the usage of minimal aqua as compared to other methods. This means that for washing the microfiber towel, it has to be soaked in one gallon of hot water having detergents mixed in it. Therefore, what seems waterless, is not exactly so because that’s improbable.

3. There Is Not Much Of A Difference Between Waterless Car Wash And Quick Detailers

While lubricants, surfactants and pH builders together make up a superior waterless car wash formula, perfect for combating the grime on an automobile’s surface, quick detailers are not formulated to do so. The latter is chemically engineered to add an immediate shine to the exterior of a car. Hence, the two are dissimilar, with practical differences marking each of them.

4. They Are More Or Less The Same

This misconception is worldwide with people hardly recognising between an aqua-based liquid and a petroleum-distillate formula. However, the truth is that there are various types of car wash solvents, where some are usable on windows and others on paint.

5. These Hardly Make Any Difference To The Environment

If you are holding this misperception then try comparing a waterless cleanser with a hose and bucket wash or rather with a commercial solvent. While the alternatives discharge brake dust, soapy suds and involve the use of at least 45 gallons of water per wash, a waterless disinfectant causes the least of damage to the environment.


Having discovered the common myths associated with car detailing, you must now be conversant with the beneficial sides of these solvents. Try purchasing the best-in-class waterless car wash in Auckland from the one and only Auto Shine. Not only does it serves the top-rated solvents, cleaners, polishes and restorers but also features the finest car fragrance in Auckland. So let’s just stay away from the misapprehensions and swap the regular cleaners with waterless formulas.

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