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Unique Company – Superb products

Unique Company – Superb products

Visualize a car care product that suits your car best, has been especially formulated to match the climate of the country, yields the best result, is available online 24x7 and yet is most cost effective – the answer obviously would be Auto Shine, aka Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd (NZ) and none else. With more than a couple of decades (founded in 1990) of expertise, making and marketing car, bike and boat detailing products,  the bambino of yester year today is a battering ram that breaks all barriers to  open a new horizon, creating best detailing products that Kiwis could ever offer for the New Zealand motoring community.

Auto Shine aims at creating and maintaining highest standards of car cleaning and protecting compounds that are fast acting, easy to work with and are eco-friendly. As a result of realistic combination of quality ingredients, application of innovative technologies and award winning customer service, Auto Shine is an iconic image of quality, reliance and value in the ‘land of the Long White Cloud.’

Research and Development is the Mainstay

Auto shine believes in progress through continuous research in order to achieve new formulae and product range for the benefit of customers and patrons alike. In fact, it allocates special funds for conducting ceaseless research to find and formulate products that ensure thorough cleaning of automobiles, sans harming the protective layers. Auto shine brand Car Wash 107 is a miracle product that boasts removal of all contaminants from the outer shell of automobiles that include tree sap, bird droppings, road salt, acid rain, et cetera, yet leaves the top coating that protects the paintwork of an automobile intact. As a result, the paint seldom fades and the car always looks fresh and glittery whenever it is washed clean with this compound.

The same is true with Auto Shine brand car polishes that ensure extra high gloss, coupled with extra high protection from the elements. These products have been specially formulated to provide swirl free and highly reflective surface finish, while removing mild oxidation and minor scratches. No wonder most New Zealand motorists’ favorite car polish comes from the Auto Shine product distributors that are located all over the island country, including the city of Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Hamilton, Whangarei, Hastings, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson, Queenstown and many more.   


Products Galore

Auto Shine product range is simply immense. You think of a product or a compound; lo and behold, it is already present in the company’s website, awaiting a click from you for immediate shipment. If you need a powerful car wash, it is there in the form of Auto shine Car Wash 107; looking for polish, look no more as it is very much there in the form of Auto Shine Blue Magic Car Polish. However, here is a broad based listing of Auto Shine car care products for you to choose from.


Unique Teamwork Ensures Faultless Product Quality

Auto Shine’s unique teamwork, coupled with vast experience ranging well over twenty years have provided unsurpassed array of products with matchless quality and value. Along with strict quality control system and computerized checking at every stage of production, each item manufactured by Auto Shine bears its signature of eminence.

When it is a question of caring and protecting a expensive asset like an automobile you cannot afford to ignore or overlook, do not hesitate to use car care products made by Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd (NZ) because in the long run, you will be most benefited by its use. 

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