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To Drive A Car Securely In New Zealand, You Need To Know The Law Of The Land

To Drive A Car Securely In New Zealand, You Need To Know The Law Of The Land

Regardless of whether you are a motorist from the North Island’s bustling metropolis of Auckland, New Zealand’s biggest city or from Paraparaumu, located in the south-western North Island with a population of a little over 49,000 people, you need to pay attention to the following two essential issues for your own safety and security as well as that of your vehicle. Besides, this will save you from paying penalty or fines in the event of breaking the rules inadvertently.

i. How To Drive A Car Properly in The Kiwi Country

ii. How To Keep Your Car Shipshape All The While



As For The Issue Numero Uno, You Need To Abide By The Following Traffic Rules That Are Mandatory in New Zealand:

Keep to the Left – Always drive through the left side of the road. This may pose some hazards for people who happen to have emigrated from countries such as the United States where you need to drive through the right side of the road. However, a few days of practice will resolve the issue.

Giving Way at Intersections – You need to slow down and be ready to stop and give way (yield) to all traffic. However, if you are taking a turn, give way to all vehicles that are not turning. In case, you are turning right, give way to all vehicles; left turning has the right of way.

Left Turn on Red – You are not allowed to turn left at intersections when the traffic light are red, contrary to some countries where it is legally permitted.

Speed Limits – Speed limit signs (on road) indicate the maximum speed at which you may drive, while crossing this will make you vulnerable under the eyes of the law. While on most of the country’s major thoroughfares it is usually 100 km/h, it falls down to 50km/h in urban areas. Nevertheless, you need to check the speed limit as often as possible to keep clear of the legal hassles.

Safety Belts – Regardless of whether you are sitting in the front or at the rear, you need to wear Safety belts, which is mandatory in the Kiwi country.

Overtaking - Most roads in New Zealand have a single lane each way, but provide passing lanes at regular intervals – these should be used where possible. You must not cross a solid yellow line on your side of the centre-line, as this indicates it’s too dangerous to overtake.

One Lane Bridges - Many roads in New Zealand have one lane bridges on them. At one lane bridges, vehicles travelling in one direction must give way to vehicles going in the other direction.

Animals on Road – watch out for farm animals and horse on the road, especially in rural areas. However, as soon as you see these, slow down and do not honk your horn as that might alarm them, giving rise to commotion on the highway. Instead, allow them to pass away peacefully.


Now that you have learnt fairly well about how to drive your car on NZ roads within the right legal framework, it is time to know how best you could keep your car shipshape in the Kiwi country with the help of quality car care products manufactured and marketed by Auckland based Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd.


To begin with, you need to wash your car with water with a measured quantity of Auto Shine Car wash 107 which is a safe and environment friendly cleaning concentrate that can effectively remove all dust and dirt, acid rain, bird droppings, tree saps and a lot of contaminants responsible for damaging the fine paintwork of your car, yet not disturbing the top coating that protects the paint.

Also, do not forget to clean and remove all traces of road salt from your car’s trendy alloy wheels by way of treating them with Auto Shine Mag Wheel Cleaner, which is a highly effective acid concentrate capable of removing all the road grime as well as sundry other disagreeable elements likely to cause harm to the wheels.

Nevertheless, as soon as the car has be thoroughly washed and dried, polish it with Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1, which is a polymer based polish with fine abrasive for elimination of oxidation that often appears on car body, as also providing a swirl-free finish. If, instead, you intend t give it a spray polish, there is nothing to beat Auto Shine Final Inspection 129A, which is a quick acting spray polish.

Besides, there is a wide array of car grooming products manufactured and marketed by Auto Shine Car Care Products ltd that will help you maintain your car’s shipshape condition for days to come. However, you may need to visit the company’s website and click on the product that you intend to procure. Shipping will take effect with 48 hours of payment confirmation through credit card.

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