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There is Nothing Like Driving a Freshly Cleaned Car

There is Nothing Like Driving a Freshly Cleaned Car

We at Auto Shine (autoshine.co.nz) know this only too well and strive to do our best in letting you enjoy that pleasure. It makes a hell of a difference between driving a freshly cleaned car and one full of grime and grit. Especially offensive are vehicles that have hazy or stained windshields. It is also dangerous to drive such vehicles on busy thoroughfares. But you are safe from such hazards when you pay us a visit to get your car spotlessly cleaned and polished by us. You know the secret? It’s quite simple; we make people happy by delivering a nice, cool car every time a customer comes to taste our services.

How we achieve this miracle?

We begin at cleaning the body of your car with re-circulated water with a dose of Car Wash 107B,  a cleaning concentrate that imparts a sparkling luster on the car’s paintwork which sustains for around a week or so. We then clean the car wheels with Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114B, a powerful acid concentrate for cleaning alloy wheels. However, extreme caution is exercised when using this concentrate on wheels or any other tough surface such as toe bars.

Polishing adds to the miracle

Next we do the polishing work, using Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD5, which is a Polymer Polish with fine abrasive that eliminates minor levels of oxidation which often appears on the surface, leaving a swirl free radiant finish. However, for customers that insist on still better shinning effect, we use the more expensive Carnauba Wax Polish, that gives a miraculous effect, no matter how dull or lifeless the paintwork has been. Nevertheless, if you intend to polish your car yourself DIY fashion (though we do not recommend it for health reasons), you may use our Final Inspection 129A spray polish that you can apply on the paintwork of your car and quickly buff off with a soft cloth to get a gleaming effect. You can also polish your wheels (not alloy wheels) with this to get similar effect.

Windshield and windows will look brighter

After the body of your car has been scrupulously cleaned and given a mirror finish polish, it is time for us to take care of your windshield and window glasses. Often people try to achieve this with the help of Windex and paper towels that verily ends up with awful streaks and paper towel fibers sticking in the glass. Moreover, Windex formulations contain ammonia which dries out plastic and rubber and so is not the right material for cleaning the windshield or the rear window, both having rubber gaskets. It is also harmful for window glasses having tinted films as the ammonia tends to soak into the film glue, causing the film to tear off. However, experts working under the banner of Auto Shine use their company’s specially formulated glass cleaner to clean automobile windshields and window glasses to spotless perfection.

Interior is taken care of too

After the external body has been well taken care of, we divert our attention to the interior of your car. Starting with vacuuming the interior of your car thoroughly, we treat the internal trimmings of your car with Reviver 111B, a water based dressing-cum-reviver containing silicone emulsion that has been specifically formulated for car interior vinaigrette.

However, the internal cleaning will end with light brushing and conditioning all the vinyl or leather coverings in your car, including the seats, door paneling, dash and consoles. Also, the floor carpets will be vacuumed first and then treated with  quick drying carpet cleaning fluid.

Cleaning job in terms of the inside and outside of your car being over, we would change the ambience of the vehicle by way of spraying Anti Tobacco Fragrances CG 113A Deodorizer that will instantly turn it into a flagrant limo, dispelling stale tobacco, left over food and other offensive odors.   

Few other items that are often used to heighten the appeal of your car

(a) Tar Remover 138A, which is a blend of several solvents formulated for removal of tar on vehicles

(b) New Look Tire & Rubber Dressing CG120B, which is a water based silicone tire dressing


Even though contemporary cars cost a lot, they are difficult to maintain because of extensive application of sophisticated components such as self-adjusting headlamps, remote controlled external rear-view mirrors, remotely operated radio antenna and many more. Continued exposure to dirt and grime tend to shorten their life, thus curbing their resale value considerably. Regular cleaning and polishing by experienced car groomers like Auto Shine will not only prolong their showroom appearance but also contribute to their high resale value.

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