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Taking Long Drives through the Kiwi Country Could Be Most Enjoying

Taking Long Drives through the Kiwi Country Could Be Most Enjoying

From majestic mountains to golden beaches, locations throughout the land of the Kiwis draw people from all over our lonely planet to enjoy the thrills like never before. However, here are a few memorable New Zealand destinations that would enjoin you to visit the country over and over again, especially if you are keen on making the trips in a self-driven rented car.

As for accommodation en route, motels, motor inns and motor lodges cluster around most drive routes  and so can be easily found all through the seasons. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a guaranteed quality stay, then you better look out for Qualmark Star rated property, ideally suited for a restful stay. What’s more, you need not have to worry about advance booking since most of these provide adequate round the year accommodation for tourists.


Motor Routes

  • Queenstown to Auckland through the East Coast – This south to north route will take you from the grand Alpine panorama to the country’s coastal sands. The small peaceful towns on way to Mt. Cook will prove a striking contrast to the feverish activity of Queenstown and the neighborhood.

Enjoy whale watching in Kaikora  prior to savoring the splendor of the Marlborough Vineyards. Focus on the best New Zealand wine and accompanying tidbits while passing through Martinborough and Gisbourne. You may also like to follow the east coast around East Cape and the Bay of Plenty for a bright sunshine and surf. The Coromandel Peninsula, en route to Auckland will keep you mesmerized with its legendary gold towns and the glamorous beaches.


  • Queenstown – Twizel – Mt Cook Village- To begin with, this route’s first and foremost attraction revolves round the vineyards located in the Gibbston area. However, you may also halt for a minute or two to admire the Roaring Meg Power Station in the Kawarau Gorge, while proceeding towards Lake Dunstan, best suited for a picnic lunch. Twizel, incidentally, is famed for mountain climbing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

You may then make your way around Lake Pukaki to Mt. Cook Village. The fascinating turquoise hue of the lake, by the way, is caused by exceptionally fine rock particulars that are held in suspension.


Taking care of the vehicle during cross country tour is no less essential

Prior to starting your journey through these fascinating motor routes in your hired car, make sure that you are carrying car cleaning and grooming compounds made and marketed by   Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd, premiere Auckland based company having nationwide dealers and distributors. Even though New Zealand express ways are meticulously maintained by the authorities, your windshield (though equipped with a minor form of wiper assisted cleaning device) needs occasional cleaning for safety purposes. However, a simple wash with Auto shine Car wash 107, which is a safe and environment friendly cleaning concentrate will magically remove all the road dust and dirt accumulated on the car’s windscreen. You can also clean the car’s body as well as all the lights with the same solution.

You may also give it a sheen by using Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1. Which is a polymer based polish having traces of abrasive compound that remove any mild formation of oxidation on the paint surface.

If, however, you also feel that the car’s carpeting has become much too dirty, you can clean it instantly by using Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo.

And finally, if you want to get rid of the offensive odor emanating out of stale tobacco and other leftover food and refreshment items from the car’s cabin, use Auto shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113A which will help remove all offensive smell in an instant.



Making a cross country tour in a reliable car can be most enjoying, provided the vehicle is kept moderately clean instead of one full of road slime, bird droppings, road salt and acid rain droplets. Since a little effort with the right grooming substances can rapidly change that eyesore look into one that is pleasing to the eyes, there is no reason as to why it should not be done.

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