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Stick to a Single Brand for Outstanding Benefits

Stick to a Single Brand for Outstanding Benefits
“Behind every successful man”, so goes the saying, “stands one woman; while with most unsuccessful ones, there are many.” The maxim, nevertheless, proves true for the simple reason that with the former, the man gets unstinted love, affection as also the right motivation to go ahead towards gaining prosperity and success. On the other hand, the person having too many women in his life spends half his lifetime settling the rivalry of his spouses, instead of pursuing his career. The result, as may be expected is doom!   The same is also true with some of the refined pleasures of life. Chain smokers seldom change their brand, while sundowners invariably stick to their Scotch, never ever settling for any other brand or type of alcoholic beverages.   But did you ever know or appreciate the reality that sticking to single brand of car detailing products actually help prolong the life of your car instead of experimenting with various brands, each having different and diverse effect on the automobile’s outer shell, interior upholstery, as also the tires and trims. If you do not believe me, try it out today with products manufactured and marketed by Auckland based Auto Shine Car Care products Ltd, a company dedicated to the welfare of automobiles throughout the land of the Kiwis.   Let’s begin at the very beginning by washing the car with water containing a dose of Auto Shine Car Wash 107A  107B & 107C, each having a fantastic cleaning concentrate that provides sparkle to the car’s paintwork. However, having witnessed the efficacy of the product in your own eyes, you would not venture to try out anything else. Incidentally, if you want to get your car washed clean and at the same time bear a polished look, use Auto Shine’s Gold Medal Wash & Wax 113A, which is a premium car washing product that contains highly expensive Carnuba wax. In case, you wish to remove tint glue from the car windows, use auto shine’s Glass Tint film Glue remover. It will turn the tough job into a breeze.   Auto Shine car care company also has a specially formulated acid concentrate called alkleen Mag wheel Cleaner 114A for cleaning your car’s alloy wheels.   As for cleaning the interior of your compact SUV, you can use your vacuum to clean the seats while auto Shine’s Liquid Extracta carpet shampoo will provide a new lease of life for your car’s floor carpets.   As for polishing the outer shell of your car, go ahead with Auto Shine’s time-tested Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1, which is a polymer based product with traces of fine abrasive to remove any oxidation that often forms on the paint surface. Although the process is time consuming but the effect is marvelous. If, however, you are in a hurry, use Auto Shine’s quick action spray polish Final Inspection 129A which will help you complete the job much faster. Besides, there are a few more variations in this group such as Quick shine polish QUIK1 and Wet Look Polish HTW1, both being highly effective in bringing your car back to its showroom look.   While taking care of the car’s interior, why not get rid of the stench emanated from tidbits of snacks carelessly left by kids or the half-burnt cigar in the ashtray by using Auto shine’s anti Tobacco fragrance CG113A which is spray deodorizer that effectively controls all these unpleasant odors.   After the basic detailing is over, it is time to pay attention to the peripheral issues relating to the overall maintenance of your car and the  Auto Shine Car Care Products that will help you achieve success, as outlined below.
  • Use Extra Shine 109A for dressing the bumpers
  • Use New Look Tire & rubber Dressing CG120 for dressing the tires
  • Use Pearl Tire Dressing CG106A which is a silicone-free compound for the same purpose
  • Use Reviver 111A for restoring the look of your car’s interior trims and fittings.
  • Use Super Shine 110A for improving the look of your car’s bumpers and tires
  • Use All Rounder tire paint for restoring the look of your car’s old tires
  • Use Retyre Tire Paint 116A which serves the same purpose yet is less expensive than the All Rounder
  • Use Super Degreaser 112A for cleaning and degreasing the car’s mechanical parts and components.
  • Use tar Glue & Spot Remover for removing disagreeable spots and stains from your bumper and grills.
  Placing an order and getting auto shine product is as easy as going to the company’s website and clicking on the product (as also the desired quantity). Shipping and delivery is ensured within 48 hours of payment through your credit card.

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