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Only AutoShine for the best Car Care

Only AutoShine for the best Car Care

When Henry Ford made the revolutionary move to put America on wheels by presenting the elementary T Model Ford car way back in 1918, he reportedly offered just a pair of pliers and a crude screw driver for maintaining the “Tin Lizzy’. “That’s all you need to keep your car ship- shape” used to be the set phrase made by good old Henry in those early days of car manufacturing in the US.

The sophisticated SUVs and ultra sleek stretch limos of this era need a lot more implements and grooming products to help maintain a showroom appearance. New Zealand based AUTOSHINE have pioneered in manufacturing and marketing such products all over the country, while inbound or internet based marketing process is already under way for global distribution of its car grooming products.

Also known as Car Valet, Car Grooming and Car Detailing, the basic range of AutoShine’s car care products include, External Cleaners (that bestows instant gloss to automotive paintwork sans), Interior Cleaners (Liquid Extract carpet shampoo that cleans automobile floor carpet); Wax-based polishes, Polymer-based polishes, Wet-look polishes, Silicone based restorer products(for tires as well as bumpers), and many more.

They never lag behind others in producing general-purpose spray deodorizers that prove essential for modern-day air-conditioned vehicles where there is hardly any provision for admittance of fresh air. However, their aerosol-based car deodorizers can instantly change the unsavory stale odor often prevailing in a hermetically sealed air-conditioned car into pleasant and refreshing one.

Another useful product much needed during repairing and replacement of automobile power break and power steering components /parts is the solvent invented, manufactured and marketed by this company as a regular mechanical maintenance product. As a matter of fact, when these sensitive parts are dismantled for servicing, they are invariably found covered with dirt and dust, mixed with oil and grease. Unless these spares are thoroughly cleaned with this solvent, they tend to malfunction in most cases.

Environmental Responsibility incidentally is also a priority of this organization. Minimization of Carbon footprints, mechanical and chemical waste management, maintenance of healthy work atmosphere are some of the prime issues that revolve round people who work for here 24 x7 x 365.

Last but not of least significance refers to the fact that the car care products here have been subjected to rigorous tests and found to be most effective by Car Care Professionals, Trucking Companies, Valet Service Providers, Car Rental Companies, as also major Car Dealerships.

For online purchase of AutoShine products, please call +64 6871 0777 today.

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