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Name & Shame - Drink-Drive Epidemic In Queenstown

Name & Shame - Drink-Drive Epidemic In Queenstown

One of the biggest benefits of getting your car detailed at Shyn4u in Auckland is the added attraction of its life force Warren Steel flooding you with startling news items from all corners of the Kiwi country, apart from revealing his secret about how to keep your car shipshape all the while.


The week before, for instance, he demonstrated how the leading Queenstown newspaper Mountain Scene had made it a point to take a stand against drunken driving by filling its front page with names, ages and alcohol reading of 100 people who were convicted of the offence, while the Ministry of justice statistics mentioned 208 people who were convicted in the Queenstown district Court earlier. Ruefully regretting the issue, he agreed that while it has taken the shape of an epidemic in the resort town with its vibrant nightlife, the situation in the rest of the country is under control.


Nevertheless, the automobile maharishi made it clear for all that he had never combined drinking with driving, while advising his clients to follow suit, because:       

  • Contrary to popular opinion, people with a high blood alcohol level are more likely to be injured or killed in a crash than those who have not been drinking alcohol.
  • As the severity of crashes increases, so does the contribution of driver alcohol.
  • For every 100 alcohol or drug-impaired drivers or riders killed in road crashes, 50 of their passengers and 19 non-alcohol impaired road users die with them.
  • In 2012, driver alcohol was a contributing factor in 73 fatal crashes, 331 serious injury crashes and 933 minor injury crashes. These crashes resulted in 93 deaths, 454 serious injuries and 1,331 minor injuries.


Coming back to the core subject, he advised how to take care of a contemporary car, regardless of whether it is a sedan, SUV or a convertible. This includes cleaning, washing, waxing and many other items that go into proper grooming of the vehicle.


To begin with, he emphasized on the selection of the right kind of product that will not affect the expensive paintwork of the vehicle. For example, if you wash your car with regular household detergents, the original wax coating will wash out, leaving a dull lifeless surface which will be difficult to restore. What’s more, it is also liable to remove the protective top coating, which in other words would be the beginning of the end of the superb finish. Wash your car, instead, with Auto Shine Car Wash 107 which will help successfully remove all traces of bird dropping, tree sap, acid rain, road salt and many other contaminants, yet leaving the primary wax coating and the protective top coat intact.


The same is applicable to the type of wax that you apply to your car when polishing your dream car. Instead of using any imported wax polish use Auto Shine Deox  Blue Magic Polish or  Auto Shine Quick Shine Polish that have formulated locally to suit the local climate and the weather conditions. Besides, the product is invented and specially manufactured for the benefit of Kiwis and so are much liked by consumers all over the country.



Owning a car entails two major issues – preserving your own life while driving the car and preserving the vehicle as long as you run it safely. For the first, you should never drink while before and during 

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