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Along with Driving Your Vehicle with a Sense of Joy, Learn Also How to Take Care of It

Along with Driving Your Vehicle with a Sense of Joy, Learn Also How to Take Care of It

We learn how to drive a car even before we learn the numerical. But there are very few of us that know how to care for our cars that provide so much comfort and ease in travelling. Nevertheless, renowned Auckland based car grooming products manufacturer Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd outlines some of the basics that you need to know about caring for your car.


Basic car care

Basic car care entails regular washing and periodic polishing of your car. However, in both cases, your selection of washing and polishing compounds will go a long way towards preservation of the outer look of your car. For instance, if you want to use a washing compound that will effectively remove the stains of bird droppings, tree saps, dirt and dust, acid rain and other enemies of your car’s delicate paintwork, yet leave its protective top covering, then you must go for Auto Shine  Car Wash 107which is a safe and and environment friendly cleaning concentrate. . Use a measured quantity of this car washing compound, mixed with water  and then wash and clean the car thoroughly. Use a hose, a wash mitt, a bucket for holding the suds and microfiber drying towels to complete the job.

However, remember two things when washing and cleaning your car – never try to wash your car under direct sun or under the shade of a tree because the heated surface of your car will affect the paintwork when you pour cold water on it while tree saps will spoil your cleaning efforts in no uncertain way.

Basic car care also involves thorough cleaning of your car’s windshield that often gets foggy due to constant bombardment of dirt and dust on the glass and deposit of thin traffic fume on it. This is a vital issue because a haze-free windshield is an essential navigational issue, especially for night driving.

Auto Shine Car Care products Ltd also insists on using Auto Shine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner for removal of road salt from your car’s trendy alloy wheels, while Auto Shine Pearl Tire Dressing CG106 can change the look of the tires in  positive way.


Protective care

After the car has been duly washed, cleaned and dried, you need to give it protective covering which will also bestow  it with a mirror finish to let you have a morning shave. However, to achieve that fascinating effect, you need to use Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HDT5, which is a polymer based polishing compound that contains traces of mild abrasive which eliminates minor levels of oxides that often appear on paint  surface.


Interior care

Along with the exterior, your car also needs internal care, which is best done with Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo, which not only works wonder with the car’s floorboard carpets but also with fabric seats and the dash. As for panels and buttons, use a fine paint brush to take away the dust and debris.


Finishing touch

In order to get rid of the offensive stale tobacco stenchfrom the cabin, use Auto ShineAnti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113Athat  also removes all other disagreeable  stinks, rendering a fresh and clean cabin.



Auto Shine is a household brand in New Zealand, associated with grooming of cars, bikes and boats. This is especially true for Auckland and surrounding areas where most car and bike owners are regular customers of Auto Shine products. However, a feedback from you will help people associated with  Auto Shine  Car Care Products Ltd to provide more assistance in relevant matters.

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