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Kiwis and Their Craze for Cars

Kiwis and Their Craze for Cars

Netflix subscribers in New Zealand may have been deeply disappointed to make out that henceforth they would not be not be able to access the US catalogue through VPN (Virtual Private Network), a facility they had so far been enjoying to the fullest. Nevertheless, their obsession with polishing up their SUVs till they are able to use them as mirrors for a close shave first thing in the morning still persists. Please read on if you want to know how they achieve the miracle in their own way.


First thing first

If you intend to have a mirror finish paint work for your Chevrolet SUV, you need; first of all, to wash and clean the outer shell of your car because even a mirror needs to be cleaned if you want to see your image distinctly on its surface. However, here you are likely to run into a dilemma while choosing the right cleaning material with which to clean your car. If you consider using the shampoo for your car, you will make a mess of it because your car does not grow hair on its top while household shampoo works well only on your head full of curly hair. Dish washing detergent Nope! Though this can take care of all the dirt and dust collected on the cars brilliant paintwork, it will, at the same time, wash off the layer of carnauba wax that provides the gloss, leaving your SUV looking like a withered witch.


Your best bet

However, your best bet will be to go for a product that has been recommended by people who are experts in the profession, such as car detailing agencies, new and used car dealerships, car valets, car rental companies, as well as fleet owners. In other words, you need to order online a liter of Auto Shine Car Wash 107, manufactured and marketed by Auckland based leading car care product company known as Auto shine Car care Products Ltd.


Whats so unique about it?

But what is so unique about the product you may inquire. Well, to be precise, if you wash your car with water containing a few drops of this remarkable concentrate, all traces of tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain droplets, road salt, etc will become thoroughly washed out from the outer shell of your vehicle, leaving it fresh and tidy like never before. Whats more, it will not react with the protective top layer on your cars paint surface, thus extending the life of its beautifying properties.


Mirror finish technique

Now that your SUV has been thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed, you need to order online one liter of Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD to be applied on to the body of the car in a systematic way. This entails two basic principles (1) Polishing must be done by hand, not by machine; (2) Polish to be applied successively thorough selecting small areas, not the whole car at a time.

The real mirror finish technique primarily involves three things The polish must not be applied on the heated body of a car that has been parked under blazing sunlight for a considerable period of time; The polish should be applied on smaller surface, wiped briskly with a soft cloth till the glaze appears, when a second coating may be applied and similar action is exercised when maximum glaze appears on the paint surface. Thirdly, the same course of action should be repeated while selecting other areas of the body shell. Finally, the entire body of the car should be wiped afresh with a new set of lint-free polishing cloth.

And, thats THE END of the story of the New Zealanders and their craze for cars.

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