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How to Wash, Polish and Wax Your RV in New Zealand

How to Wash, Polish and Wax Your RV in New Zealand

When Steve bought his compact RV for enjoying his honeymoon days in real earnest and brought it home, newly married Linda was overwhelmed with joy at the prospect of spending a few romantic days in their private luxury ‘hotel suite on wheels’. The vehicle was equipped with every conceivable item of luxury built in, neatly and well. It included a kitchenette with a refrigerator, running hot and cold water; glass encased viewing area and a comfortable flip sofa for rest and recreation.

However, while Linda was beside herself with joy, planning a week long pleasure drive through some of New Zealand’s renowned Leisure Parks, Steve was preoccupied in thinking how best to wash, polish and wax the RV so that he could sell it out at a later date at a handsome price and buy a higher model. But his worries soon came to an end as one of his friends, an avid car enthusiast himself, helped him find AutoShine website on Linda’s laptop one afternoon.

Located in Auckland, Autoshine is already a household name for premium automotive grooming products that are being sold in the country for almost quarter of a century. While advising Steve about the use of the right product for his RV, his friend also pointed out to him that buying a product from Autoshine is as easy as going to its website, clicking at the selected product image and remitting the relevant value through credit card. Delivery within 24 hours of payment clearing is fully assured, he claimed.

Premium AutoShine Products for cleaning RVs externally

  1. For cleaning the body of the RV, it would be ideal to use Autoshine Car Wash 107B which is a cleaning concentrate that will give a sparkle to the RV’s paintwork. It will need minimum physical effort to get the best shine, provided you follow the instructions printed on the container. Also, as the product is available in three different packing, you can choose one that suits you well.
  2. For cleaning the wheels of the RV, the best thing will be to use Autoshine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114B which is a powerful acid concentrate, especially formulated for alloy wheels that adorn most RVs currently. However, caution must be exercised when using this product.
  3. Autoshine Gold Medal Citrus Hand Cleaner GMHC1 is often recommended for cleaning the hand after completing the washing process. Nevertheless, it is an option which you may or may not be interested in.

Premium AutoShine Products for polishing RVs externally

  1. For polishing RVs (externally) use Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Poilish HTD1 which is a polymer based polish containing traces of fine abrasive that eliminates minor levels of oxidation and scratch marks, while giving a swirl free reflective gloss to the vehicle. Since this polish is available in three different packages, you may select one that suits your purpose best.
  2. However, if you want to do a quick job and skip washing your RV, then go for Autoshine Final Inspection 129A which can be sprayed on paint as well as glass surface and then buffed off with a soft cloth to get a sparkling finish.

Premium AutoShine Products to add fragrance to RVs (Internally)

  1. To eliminate the stale odor that prevails in a locked up RV, Autoshine Anti Tobacco Fragrance CG113A is used extensively all over New Zealand. In fact, it is an effective spray deodorizer that instantly eliminates the stink from stale tobacco, left over food particles and sundry other foul smelling elements. As this item too is available in several packing, it is easy to choose one that suits best by merely clicking on the right image.
  2. Autoshine Fragrance Sachets also serves the purpose admirably well.

Premium Autoshine Restorers for RVs (Internally/Externally)

  1. Since tires fitted into a vehicle also matter a lot in defining its visual appeal, you may use Autoshine New Look Tire & Rubber Dressing CG120A to improve the look of your RV’s tires. Since it is a water based silicon tire dressing, it is easy to apply on RV tires.
  2. Alternatively, you may also use Autoshine Pearl Tire Dressing CG106A, which is a silicone-free water based tire dressing that is known to change the look of old tires by injecting new life into them.
  3. For reviving the look of internal trimmings in your RV, you may use Autoshine Reviver 11A, which is a water based dressing containing silicone emulsion.
  1. Periodic inspection of the engine of a vehicle is an important issue, irrespective of whether it is a sedan, convertible, SUV or RV. A neat and clean looking engine impresses the sight more than a dirty and sooty one. Use Autoshine Extra Shine 109A for dressing up your RV engine. In time of need you will find it convenient in many ways.

Premium Solvents for RVs

  1. Autoshine Brake Cleaner CG119A, a solvent based quickly evaporative cleaner is most suitable for cleaning RV power assisted brake components. Since this is also available in several package sizes, you can select one that suits your requirement.
  2. Autoshine Parts Wash 104A , a combination of solvents for cleaning and servicing of RV undercarriage parts is quite popular throughout the length and breadth of New Zealand.
  3. Autoshine Preparation Solvent 113C, a slow drying solvent is extensively used for eliminating wax and sundry other residue from a RV’s paintwork.
  4. Autoshine Super Degreaser 112A which is a blend of solvents and surfactants is ideal for degreasing suspension parts of RVs.

Autoshine Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118C, which is a blend of solvents, is generally used for removal of tar from RV body parts.

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