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How to Prolong the Charm of Your Mercedes S300 Blue TEC HYBRID

How to Prolong the Charm of Your Mercedes S300 Blue TEC HYBRID

“Congrats for buying your first hybrid car’ greeted a colleague as Gerald Sullivan, the promising New Zealand Financial Analyst entered his Shortland Street  office above Commercial Bay, Auckland after parking his Mercedes S300 Blue TEC Hybrid auto down below. “You call that a car?” hollered Gerald from his cubicle. “It’s a torpedo that has dented such a big hole in my pocket that it will take at least a couple of years to heal up” quipped the investment guru while taking his first sip of coffee.

“Ah, but this has given the opportunity to my way of contributing towards lessening of carbon footprints on our lonely planet” argued Gerald. “While carbon emission from this car is minimal, its fuel consumption is much lesser as compared to cars fitted with conventional internal combustion engines” he added. “But have you ever heard of a car that has dual engines?” queried the proud owner. “This car enjoys such privilege- a battery powered one for regular runs and a small diesel engine to continue when the battery conks off” he informed Joe, a great car enthusiast.

However, Gerald also expressed his concern about how to prolong the sheen in his newly acquired super auto as also to keep up it resale value.”I feel really worried about how to clean and polish the Mercedes on a regular basis” admitted the financial expert, since using home detergents on the Mercedes, he rightly thought, could affect the paintwork badly. However, at this point his good friend and colleague Julius Henderson proved quite helpful.

Autoshine comes to the rescue

Julius Henderson, alias Joe reminded Gerald that renowned Auckland car care and detailing company Autoshine (autoshine.co.nz) manufactures and markets the right products that would solve the grooming problem for the Mercedes in most effective way. Why, you can jolly well use their premium Car Wash 107B, which is the ideal cleaning concentrate for washing and cleaning dirt and dust as also bird droppings from your car’s superb paintwork. Of course, you need to dilute the concentrate with right proportion of water and use a lint free piece of cloth to achieve the best result.

Car Washing Tips

Remove loose contaminants first such as road grime, tree sap and bird droppings with the above Car Wash 107B after mixing it with water and using a soft cloth. You can mix one ounce of the concentrate per gallon of plain water to get the desired result and then rinse the entire vehicle with a strong spray of water.

Starting at the top, wash one section of the vehicle at a time, using a soft, clean sponge, towel or sheepskin wash mitt, instead of attempting to wash the whole car all at one go. Do not forget to rinse the wash mitt thoroughly before going over to the next section. Following a final overall rinse, wipe the vehicle dry with a natural chamois, as cotton terry cloth may leave unsavory swirl marks on the paintwork. Also, never attempt to wash your Mercedes until it has cooled down and the sun does not shine overhead.

Tar Removal

After the washing has been duly completed, you need to remove road tar from your S300 Blue TEC Hybrid’s bumpers, grille and headlight assembly. Unless these are regularly removed, these get firmly anchored, eventually turning into eyesores, resulting in fast depreciation and consequent lowering of the vehicle’s resale value. However, you can use  Autoshine Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118C to get rid of these blemishes without causing any permanent damage to the components.


However, now your Mercedes is ready to get the polish to bring back its showroom look. Nevertheless, there are two very distinct ways of achieving this feat – one that involves a bit of physical strain but has the potential of having a lasting effect and the other being less labor incentive but lacking longer shine.

As for the former, you can use Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1 which is a polymer based polish containing traces of fine abrasive powder that will not only eliminate minor level of oxidation that usually forms on paint surface as well as scratch marks caused by insects and bugs coming into contact with the car cruising at high speed, but also give a swirl free gloss to the vehicle. However, you need vigorous rubbing to get the final sparkle. On the other hand, if you want to do a quick job and skip the washing process, then go for Autoshine Final Inspection 129A spray polish which can be sprayed directly on the paint surface and then buffed off with a lint free soft cloth to get a brilliant finish.


Autoshine products are available in several packing, and so you may order the quantity that will suit you best; while the ordering process is as simple as visiting their website and clicking on the product you intend to buy along with the relevant remittance through your credit card. So, whenever you wish to wash and polish your Mercedes S300 Blue TEC Hybrid car, order Autoshine products. Delivery is assured within 24 hours of payment clearance.

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