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How To Make Your Car Gorgeous and Maintain That Look Forever

How To Make Your Car Gorgeous and Maintain That Look Forever

If there is one company or business in whole of New Zealand that excels in manufacturing and marketing automotive car care products, it is none other than Autoshine (autoshine.co.nz). Their priceless products not only contribute towards bringing back your SUV or Convertible to its original showroom condition but are equally effective in restoring your recreational sporting objects such as boats and bikes, as also mini trucks that come with separate passenger cabins, if you happen to own one.

With a long and lively journey that started way back in 1990, Autoshine has conquered many obstacles to reach its present status as leader in the car care industry in the country. What is more, Autoshine car care products have come out triumphantly, after being subjected to rigorous tests conducted by Car Rental Companies, Valet Service providers, well known Car Care professionals and major New Zealand Car Dealerships. No wonder this fame and reputation also prompts people running car washing and grooming outfits to look for Autoshine product for carrying out their day-to-day business.

However, let us now take a closer look at some of the popular products that are currently being manufactured and marketed by Autoshine:

Cleaners that include useful Wheel Cleaners, branded Car Body wash concentrates, revitalizing gash & Wax combined products, Carpet Cleaning Shampoos, Quick & Easy concentrates for cleaning engine bay, Ripper, which is a natural biodegradable multipurpose cleaning agent as well as a tire cleaning compound.

Fragrances that include general-purpose Spray deodorant that instantly deodorizes the stale air in locked up cars as also Slow Release fragrance sachet that keeps the car fully flagrant all the while.

Polishes that include a wide variety of Polymer Polishes, Quick Wipe Spray on Polishes, Quick Shine Polishes, Wet Look Polishes and Carnauba Wax based Polishes.

Restorers that include Silicone based products that are primarily used for restoring the look of engine heads, vital parts and other areas prone to look blotchy and blemished, Water based silicone tire dressing fluids, Water based silicone-free tire shining agents, Water based dressing containing silicone emulsion, specially designed for use on a car’s internal trims.

Solvents that include varieties of aerosol paints for use on bull bars, tow bars, etc, Brake Cleaner fluid, which is a solvent based cleaner, ideally suitable for removing dust and grease from brake parts and components, Slow drying solvent that helps cleaning intricate parts and assemblies. Then there are Tar glue and Spot Removers.

Apart from producing and marketing best car care items, Autoshine is also conscious about its corporate social responsibility, which incidentally is a priority with everyone working for the company. Minimizing carbon emission, controlling mechanical and chemical waste, maintaining healthy work atmosphere are some of the issues that are shared by everyone at Autoshine.

Autoshine incidentally has a large number of dealers, distributors and franchisees all over New Zealand that includes areas such as Manawatu & Wanganui, Kapity Coast & Wellington, Nelson & Blenheim and Wairapa.

For corporate details, check with: Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd, 135 Frederick Street, Hastings 4122, New Zealand (info@autoshine.co.nz).

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