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Fantastic Car Care Tips That Have Emerged From One of New Zealand's Top Most Manufacturer

Fantastic Car Care Tips That Have Emerged From One of New Zealand's Top Most Manufacturer

Weird, Yet True, Especially When Coming For The Horse’s Mouth. That's right. The following fantastic car care tips that have emerged from one of New Zealand's top most manufacturer of car grooming products may make your jaw drop, yet in realty they work fine. If you do not believe me or feel skeptical about their efficacy, just try these out yourself now.

Cool Answers To Cleaning The GlassForget about fancy glass cleaners for your car windows that make a dent in your pocket. Head to the kitchen instead and get the bottle of vinegar. Vinegar removes films from glass surface, leaving it free of streaks and smudges. Mix equal parts of vinegar + water and pour the mixture into an ordinary spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your car windows, taking care that the fluid does not seep into the paintwork. Let it rest for a minute or so before wiping it clean with a lint-free cloth. Et voila!  You get sparkling car windows almost free of cost.

Vodka To Your RescueClogged windshield wiper jets are a wearisome issue that prevents the cleaning fluid spraying onto the windshield when you need it most. But this time you need to rush to your bar cabinet to take out your bottle of Russian Vodka. Mix two cups of vodka with three cups of water and then pour the mixture into the washer fluid reservoir. Now run the system and see how the fluid sprays on the windshield since the fiery fluid has cleaned the pipes that allow the system to work.

Hair Conditioner Helps Rejuvenate The GlossWhen hair conditioners help our hair look so great, there is no reason for it not creating the same effect on our cars. But do you know the secret? It's the ingredient called lanolin which produces that miraculous result. Mix half bottle of hair conditioner with a pail of lukewarm water and then apply the mixture on the car body with a sponge. As you rinse it off, the gloss comes out. What's more, the lanolin will also repel rain water.

Toothpaste For Yellowish HeadlightsNow that your windows are sparkling, paintwork looking marvelous and the washer jets working fine; it's time to visit the bathroom, not for a pee but for snatching the toothpaste tube. Instead of scrubbing away with soapy water till your arms become ready to drop off to clean yellowish headlights, apply a thin film of the toothpaste all over the headlights and rinse. Lo and behold, the headlights look as good as new. The chemicals in the toothpaste do all the wonders.

Windshield Crying for ColaWhen it drizzles after a long dry spell, a thick smudge develops on your windshield that refuses to get cleaned. Nevertheless, get rid of the smudge by releasing the content of a bottle of Cola on the glass surface. (You may stretch a towel along the bottom of the windscreen to keep Cola reaching the hood paint). Meanwhile, the bubbles in the Cola will fizz away all the dirt and grime. However, you need to wash the sticky Cola off thoroughly to get the desired effect.

Baking-soda Car CleanerEmpty quarter cup Baking-soda in a one-gallon jug, add quarter cup dish-washing fluid into it and then fill it up with plain water. Screw on the cap, shake thoroughly and store the mixture for use when washing the car. When mixed with a pail of water, this  cleansing compound will work wonder for your car.



With a little imagination and familiarity with household substances, you can make your own car grooming compounds that are no less effective than patented products. What's more, this has been corroborated with statements made by renowned car care products manufacturers.

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