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Ellerslie Classic Car Show in New Zealand has Left the Car Admirers Flabbergasted

Ellerslie Classic Car Show in New Zealand has Left the Car Admirers Flabbergasted

On February 12, the Ellerslie Race Course was a witness to the 44th Intermarque Concours where a classic car show was held. Every year, car enthusiasts wait for this event and this year too, it was a highly successful affair. This time near about 700 classic automobiles was put on display with vehicle grooming stalls alongside it. With paint restoration and driving accessories, the classic car event held something for all.

A recognised participant from Ford Model A Club, who has been a witness to this car show, recollects how it astonished him this time. Partakers were amazed at the efforts people took to maintain their cars. The event helped car owners to realise that the first line of defence to protect their automobiles are polishing and cleaning.

The highly successful event taught us the significance of auto detailing and the correct ways to keep our cars well maintained. Let us take a sneak peek into auto-detailing first.


Get Ready for the Next Car Show by Focusing on Auto Detailing

Auto detailing is highly necessary for saving the extra amount invested on re-painting your vehicle. The best way is to indulge in regular waxing of your car. This can improve the resale value of your automobile because people judge the mechanical soundness of it by its exterior paint. Attain your peace of mind in this context by ordering Truck Wash & Wax, Gold Medal Wash & Wax along with Wet Look Polish from Auto Shine.

A cleaner car can shed light on your confidence and professionalism. People form a positive image about a car owner when they witness how spic and span their automobile is. Create a first-class impression by keeping your vehicle clean. Businesses like Auto Shine can help you in it by providing you with a wide array of cleaners such as Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo, Ripper, Smog Buster and Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner.


Learn from the Polishing and Cleaning Tips

Let us look into some polishing and cleaning tips to maintain your car’s shimmering exterior.

  • Ellerslie Classic Car Show is a clear indication of how car owners maintained their automobiles. A weekly wash can definitely work wonders!
  • Avoid washing your vehicle under the direct rays of the sun because doing so might dry it before being washed and leave dirt marks on the paintwork.
  • A proper application of polishing cream might hide the scratches on its surface to make it shine.
  • You might buff up your car by applying Quick Shine Polish, Wet Look Polish, Deox Blue Magic Polish and other such polishes from Auto Shine. However, avoid excessive polishing as it might damage the clear coat.

Car admirers have learnt much about car polishing, cleaning and auto detailing from the car show hosted in New Zealand. However, if you need any help regarding the same, then it’s time to visit the website of Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd.

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