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Detailing Can Help Retain the Value of Your Car to a Great Extent

Detailing Can Help Retain the Value of Your Car to a Great Extent

Even before you drive away in your small SUV from the dealer’s showroom, several issues seem to assail your grey cells, screaming for solution. Leaving aside the minor ones, the most pressing tribulations that bother you badly entail garaging space for the vehicle in a country where many live in garages (due to acute housing problem), cost effective insurance coverage for the car when the current policy expires, ability to find and rectify minor mechanical faults and above all, keeping the car shipshape by way of detailing. The issue at the end is indeed crucial both for aesthetic raison d'être as well as for getting better resale value after a few years of rigorous rides.


How detailing can help retain the value of your car

Depreciation draws its dagger much before you are aware of its stealthy approach from day one. Tree saps, bird droppings, abrasive dust and dirt, road salt, traces of acid rain and many more harmful substances collectively launch the assault on the body of your car, damaging the paintwork, creating oxidation and rust on inaccessible fenders and grille – issues that are responsible for devaluing your car in no uncertain manner.


However, detailing will go a long way towards saving your precious car from the evils that are outlined above, provided you follow the instructions given below on regular basis.

  • Order online a liter of Auto Shine Car Wash 107 by way of visiting Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd website; mixing a portion of the concentrate with a pail of water and then wash your car thoroughly with the mixture. This will help removal of all the hurtful substances from the outer shell of your on one hand, while retaining the properties of the protective top layer of the paintwork on the other. Needless to say, this initial phase of detailing will ensure the cleaning of your car in the best possible way.
  • The next phase of detailing your car entails polishing of the vehicle with the help of Auto Shine Deox Blue magic Polish HTD, which may be obtained by applying similar method you used earlier, namely by way of visiting the manufacturer’s website and ordering a pack online. However, the polishing should preferably be done by hand instead of taking help of any mechanical means, albeit it depends on the type of polish that is being used on the car body. Nevertheless, polishing by hand seems to yield better result since the Auto shine Deox compound has traces of fine abrasive that takes care of traces of oxidation that often appears on the paintwork. This will ensure the protection of the car body from the elements.

DIY or taking the help of professionals?

To be honest about it, the scale will point towards the former, provided you have the time and the inclination to perform the job. Otherwise, it may prove convenient for those whose relationship with the car is restricted to the primary job of driving the vehicle, nothing else whatsoever. However, when looking at the cost factor, you may also agree that doing it yourself can save a lot of money.


While a professional detailing will cost you around $150 to $300+, depending on the methods applied, indenting the products through online purchasing (a liter of Auto Shine Blue Detox Polish costing $22.50, while a liter of Auto Shine Car wash costing $10) will prove more cost effective any day. What’s more, once you buy the products, these will last you several detailing. Of course, you may also need a liter of Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo, costing around $15 for cleaning the floorboard carpets of your SUV.


Tools and equipment needed for detailing DIY

Even though the list of tools and implements required for DIY Detailing may prove intimidating at first, nonetheless, these will pay for themselves in the long run. However, to start with, you will need the following items.

  1. Vacuum for cleaning the interior of the car
  2. Water Pump for creating jet of water
  3. Some length of hose for directing strong jet of water at the undercarriage
  4. Spray nozzles
  5. Soft Brush with plastic handle
  6. Compressed air can
  7. Microfiber cloth


Since weather conditions in the land of kiwis aren’t so mild for motor cars, detailing on a regular basis can prolong their lives on one hand, while keeping these shipshape all through the years. So, do not neglect the process if you possibly can.

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