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Despite Cut Throat Competition Where Survival Sans Advertising is a Rarity, Some Products Defy the Decree

Despite Cut Throat Competition Where Survival Sans Advertising is a Rarity, Some Products Defy the Decree

Since the beginning of the Industrial revolution, when goods were manufactured in mass scale, advertising came into play in an innovative way to bridge the gap between the consumer and the manufacturer of the goods, benefiting both. While the consumer could glean essential knowledge about the utility of the product and buy it for personal preference, the manufacturer made profit through higher sales. In other words, advertisement pushes the sale of a product which otherwise could have been left unsold. The same principle holds true even today, although the media has undergone a sea change.


However, there are exceptions to the rule. Some goods outsell without the help of any advertising program. People buy Goodyear tires regardless of whether the company launches any ad for sale of their product or not. Those who can afford, buy Rolls-Royce cars, seldom waiting for advertisements proclaiming their mechanical excellence and numerous attributes. Despite so many brands available in the market, discriminating buyers go for Rolex watches without bothering to check its precision movements through ad programs. The same is true with automobile grooming products that are made and marketed by leading Auckland based manufacturer, Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd. Consistency in quality, availability throughout the year and impeccable after-sales service had no doubt worked behind such wonderful customer royalty.


Incidentally, if you test the products, you will find these far more superior to others flooding the market. Take for example their car wash solution branded Auto Shine Car Wash 107, which when diluted with water and applied on car bodies as a form of washing effectively cleans tree sap, bird droppings, dirt and dust, traces of acid rain and sundry other water soluble contaminates that cause positive harm to cars paintwork. But lo and behold, it does not affect the protective top coat that shields the original paint along with its sheen.


The same is true with Auto Shine Mag Wheel Cleaner which is a eco friendly compound that effectively cleans road salt particles from a cars fashionable alloy wheels, which otherwise could have ruined the wheels causing dents.


But why only the car wash solution or the wheel cleaning compounds; all other Auto Shine products such as Auto Shine Pearl Tire Dressing CG106 that bestows new life on old tires, Auto Shine Car Extracta Carpet Shampoo that help clean soiled car floorboard carpet, Auto Shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance that instantly removes stale tobacco odor from car cabins and a host of other products have equally contributed towards the fame and recognition the company enjoys today.


Amazingly enough, these well known car grooming products are not only used by most neighborhood car and bike owner but also are regularly indented and used by many car detailing agencies in and around Auckland, the foremost among them being Shyn4U, the areas premier car grooming establishment. Said Warren, the spokesperson for Shyn4U, We exclusively use car detailing products made by Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd for grooming our customers cars because these produce outstanding effect in all cases, irrespective of whether used as cleaning solution or as polishing compound.

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