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Cruising Along New Zealand’s Fascinating Coastline on Board a Sparkling Boat Can Be Most Exhilarating

Cruising Along New Zealand’s Fascinating Coastline on Board a Sparkling Boat Can Be Most Exhilarating

New Zealand proves to be a paradise for people who love cruising across the Bay of islands on board a neat and trim leisure boat. And there are reasons galore to justify such exhilaration. As most boat owners would bear out, as soon as you climb aboard, you are sure to experience a feeling that you have left behind your super charged life style miles away while the murmur of the ocean will infuse  happiness and joy to your otherwise tired out body and soul.

You may also explore the country’s fascinating coastline that stretches well over 14,000 km, bordering the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean, thus making it the 10th longest in the world. Braver hearts also cruise up to the Surville Cliffs and the Slope Point, islands located on the northern and southern most points of the cosmic coastline.

Nevertheless, you need a spotless vessel to enjoy the cruise to the fullest. This post will provide you with step by step instructions for cleaning your boat, turning it into real Shipshape with a little bit of effort and  passionate zeal.


Boat Cleaning Tips

Prior to proceeding further on how to clean your lovely boat, let me remind you that cleaning and sundry grooming substances that are used for automobiles are equally effective for cleaning and grooming boats, regardless of whether these have metallic or wooden hull. What’s more, it is especially true with products manufactured by Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd, premiere Auckland based company having nationwide dealers and distributors.

Incidentally, quite a few boat owners literally go overboard while engaging themselves in cleaning and polishing their prized possession, namely the boat.  However, to be honest about it, you need not have to spend backbreaking hours to keep your boat resembling a new one, provided you use the following products on your boat.

Choose the right cleaning compound

It is not your muscle power that will result in perfect cleaning of your boat but the right cleaning compound that will do the trick. For instance, when you use Auto Shine Car Wash 107, which is a safe and environment friendly cleaning concentrate for cleaning your boat, it will magically remove all the dirt and dust and the slime from the body of your boat, yet leave the protective coating intact for year round fortification.

However, when cleaning the boat, work from the top down. Also, when using the above solution, scrub and rinse sections, instead of attempting to clean the entire boat at one go, because in that case, some sections will dry up , preventing a through rinse later. Also, if you own an outboard-powered boat, make sure you clean the motor as also the bottom drive unit, the propeller and the mounts where corrosive salt and algae tend to accumulate.

Use Chamois cloth

Always use soft drying cloths, preferably chamois cloth to dry off the boat immediately after washing and rinsing to get rid of ‘spotting’.

Use polish periodically

You no doubt need to polish your boat with Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1, which is a polymer based polish with traces of abrasive compound that removes mild forms of oxidation on the paint surface(for metal boats) while providing a magnificent sheen to the boat, but do it only occasionally, not every time you clean your boat.

Don’t forget to clean the Carpet

Cleaning the interior of the boat is equally important as cleaning the outside of the boat. However, special attention should be given to cleaning the carpet with Auto shine Liquid Extracta  carpet shampoo that will remove all the stains from your boat’s vinyl carpets.

Lastly, remove offensive odor from the boat’s immaculate cabin with the help of Auto Shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113A that will instantly take away stale tobacco and sundry other offensive odor, leaving a fresh and fragrant boat cabin.


You may view all the products outlined above as also the full range of Auto Shine grooming items by visiting the company’s website and order item/items merely by clicking on these, while payment through your credit card will ensure shipping with 48 hours of payment confirmation.

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