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Car Grooming Tips – From the Torchbearer!!

Car Grooming Tips – From the Torchbearer!!

Also, do not use dishwasher fluid to clean your car because the harsh ingredients of the DW fluid will cause removal of the protective top layer of your car’s paintwork, leaving it vulnerable to the effects of dirt, dust, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, road salt and a million other contaminants.

"Use instead,” the helpful officer added, “Auto Shine Brand Car Wash 107, which will help removal of all the harmful contaminants mentioned above, yet leaving the protective top layer intact, as a result of which your car will look glittery and gleam whenever it is washed clean. Alternatively, you may also use Auto Shine brand Gold Medal Wash & Wax that will clean and polish your car in a single operation."

"If, however, it is a weekend or a Bank Holiday when you can afford some extra time for your Honda SUV, giving it a shiny polish,” reminded the carcaring personality, “keep two things in mind – Firstly, use a product that has been formulated in the land of the Kiwis, such as Auto Shine brand Deox Blue Magic, well suited for the climate of the country, and Secondly, try to polish your car manually, instead of doing it by machine (Rotary Buffer).” “The biggest benefit of manual polishing,” the CEO assured “is that the paintwork remains unaffected when using this process."


The Auto Shine CEO finally shared the following tips for effective maintenance and higher resale value of your car.

  • Always Clean >> Polish >> Protect your car in this order
  •  Never use household products to clean your car – it would result in more harm than good
  •  Refrain from washing your car on a gravel drive, using high pressure water jet
  • When cleaning wheels, apply the product from bottom up to avoid run marks
  • When washing your car with water having traces of cleaning fluid, start from the top and then go down the body of the car
  • When washing your car with Auto Shine brand of product, make sure that all traces of the product have been removed from the body of the car
  • Do not apply silicone based products to pedals or the steering wheel of your car because that will make these slippery, causing calamity or disaster
  • When washing the car, pay special attention to the windshield as also the windshield wiper blades


Even though it is good to wash and clean your personally than getting it done at roadside car wash facilities, it would be prudent to take the help of professional car grooming service, such as Syn4U, New Zealand’s top level car grooming company at least once a month to keep your car shipshape.

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