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Car Cleaning Myths Busted – Auto Shine shows the Way

Car Cleaning Myths Busted – Auto Shine shows the Way

Even though we, human beings, are bestowed with the power of reasoning to bear out a statement before taking it for granted, myths often tend to cloud our mindset. This happens in all spheres of life that include care and maintenance of our prized automobiles. However, here are a few car care myths that have been debunked, while renowned Auckland based Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd puts us on the right track on how best we could tackle the issue.


Myth # 1: Household detergents are safe to use on cars

No matter how much publicity is given to effective use of household detergent that can “remove even the faintest traces of grime and grease from dining tables to the crockery and cutlery”, these unfortunately, are equally effective in removing the protective top coating of your car’s immaculate paintwork. As a matter of fact, you would be hastening the oxidation process by using the much publicized household detergent on your contemporary SUV. Instead, use Autoshine Car wash 107, which is cleaning concentrate that will provide sparkle to your SUV sans harming the protective covering.


Myth # 2: Washing and Cleaning are the same

To be precise, car washing and car cleaning are two different issues. While car washing entails thorough washing of the car’s exterior, a process that help remove dirt and dust, road salt, bird droppings, traces of acid rain, tree sap  and other water soluble contaminants from the outer shell of a car, car cleaning is a far more complex issue that involves:

  • Cleaning the alloy wheels of the car by using Autoshine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114a, which is a powerful acid concentrate that removes all the road grimes, thus bringing back the wheels’ original luster.
  • Treating the tires of the car with Autoshine Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A for revival of the look of worn out tires.
  • Removal of tint glue from the glasses by using Autoshine Glass tint Glue Remover.
  • Cleaning of the car’s floor carpet by using Autoshine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo CG 107.
  • Cleaning of the car’s engine bay with Autoshine Quick and Easy 105A.
  • Cleaning the interior trimmings of the car with Autoshine Reviver 111A, which is a silicone based emulsion that revives the original look of all the trims.
  • Removal of stale tobacco and sundry other offensive odor from the interior of the car by using Autoshine Anti Tobacco Fragrance CG113A.
  • Removal of road tar and sundry other difficult to remove stains and patches from the fenders by using Autoshine Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118A, which is a blend of solvents that prove ideal for the job.



Myth # 3: Polishing and Waxing are the same

To be honest about it, though they are not as dissimilar as chalk and cheese, but they are not the same either.  For instance, car wax leaves a protective coating of wax on the car’s paintwork, after the job is over. Oftentimes, it comes with UV inhibitors that protect the paint from sun’s UV rays, whereas Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1, which is a polymer based polish with fine abrasive removes traces of oxidation, while providing a swirl-free finish that lasts for quite a few weeks. But it is a time consuming job even when you use mechanical polishers.

On the other hand, Autoshine Final Inspection 129A, which is a quick acting spray polish takes lesser time to achieve best result since all you have to do is to spray it on the paint surface and then quickly rub it off.

For acquiring any of the products mentioned above, you may visit Auto Shine car care Products Ltd website, click on the item you intend to indent and remit the payment through your credit card. Delivery is assured with 24 hours of payment confirmation.

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