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Buying Car Care Products Online couldnt ever be so simpler among The Kiwis

Buying Car Care Products Online couldnt ever be so simpler among The Kiwis

Motorists, bikers and owners of leisure boats all over New Zealand can buy their preferred grooming items online merely by clicking on Auto Shine Car Care Products website, while these will be shipped to them within 24 hours of payment clearing through credit card! An amazing facility extended to all who love their vehicles, bikes and boats.


As for product quality and excellence, none could beat Auto Shine grooming compounds that are not only backed by decades of expertise and research but are also recommended by people reckoned as authorities in the trade, such as car care professionals, automobile dealers, major trucking units, car rental companies and car valets.


What is more, these products do not create any health hazard for people who use them and are also environment friendly, while ensuring longer life of vehicles and boats if used on regular basis.? No wonder most? Auto Shine customers are repeat buyers that are loyal to the company in all respect.


Incidentally, the company has spent considerable amount of time and money, looking into every aspect of detailing issues and so has produced a vast array of products that are needed for beautifying, reviving and restoring vehicles like never before. These include cleaning concentrates, polishes, restorers, solvents as also fragrances that are extensively used in air-conditioned vehicles to keep the interior fragrant all the while.


However, here is a listing of some of the popular products made and marketed by the company:

a) Auto Shine Car Wash 107 is health hazard free, eco-friendly cleaning concentrate that is commonly used during manual washing of the car. It helps removal of bird dropping, tree sap substances, accumulated road salt, traces of acid rain and sundry other harmful stuff from the body of the car or bike.

b) Auto Shine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114 is ideally suited for cleaning trendy alloy wheels (both coated and uncoated type) of contemporary cars. However, it is essential to towel dry each alloy wheel to prevent forming of water marks.

c) Auto Shine Pearl Tire Dressing CG106 is a miracle compound that provides new look to old and worn out tires within a few minutes.

d) Auto Shine Glass Tint Remover helps removal of tint glue from car window glasses.

e) Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet shampoo CG 107 proves quite useful for removal of dirt and dust from a cars vinyl carpeting.

f) Auto Shine Quick & Easy 105 makes it easier to clean a cars engine bay.

g) Auto Shine Reviver 111 helps clean the interior trimmings of a luxury car.

h) Auto Shine anti-tobacco fragrances instantly removes the stench of stale tobacco and sundry other disagreeable odour from the cars interior.


How to buy the product online

The companys website contains all the car care products that are available in different packages such as 1 liter, 2 Liter, 5 Liter package sizes. You need to click only on such package or packages that suit your purpose and then remit the value via your credit card.



Visit the site right away and order the product over the internet now so that you can protect your car as early as possible. Auto Shine car care products will enhance the life of your car to a great extent.

Incidentally, you can also use these products on your motorbike, leisure boat as well as on household consumer durables like refrigerators, split air conditioner inside room units, etc for protection from rust and oxidation.

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