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Believe It or Not - Car Would Run on Tequila (Mexico’s Numero Uno drink)

Believe It or Not - Car Would Run on Tequila (Mexico’s Numero Uno drink)

Believe it or not, way back in the sixties, Adolfo Mateos, President of Mexico rode a turbine powered Chrysler that was fueled by TEQUILA! [Tequila, incidentally, is a fantastic drink which can express the nuances of its raw material better than any other spirit on the planet and is served neat in Mexico with salt and lime along with the rest of the world.]

However, here is the background story of how it all came about. Chrysler, while experimenting with newly developed turbine powered multi-fuel cars (probably before Lee Iacocca became the chairman)   sent a few of them on four corners of the world for relevant feedback and reports on how they fared with a wide array of fuels. Nevertheless, when one of these arrived in Mexico, the President of Mexico came out to greet the Chrysler representative who brought the car to his country. When, however, the President was told about the car’s fantastic capability to run on any fuel under the sun, he wondered if it could run on Mexico’s Numero Uno drink, theTequila.

Chrysler - Tequila run car


While the car had been tested on a variety of liquids that packed a punch, no one knew if the car had ever actually been run on tequila. The Chrysler PR man with the car quickly called back Detroit to ask if it would be safe to run tequila through the engine. George Huebner (Chrysler development engineer) was curious as well and so quickly sent someone to a local wine shop to pick up a few jugs of cheap tequila. Back at the lab, the engineers ran a few gallons of tequila through a turbine engine and it ran perfectly well. Huebner called down to Mexico and confirmed that the car would, indeed, run on tequila. A few gallons were dumped in the tank and the president was given a quick spin in the car–powered by the tequila he had requested.

Chrysler Servicing in New Zealand


Regardless of whether your car can run on tequila or any such cost effective alcoholic drink, you need to pay attention to proper maintenance of your car which involves regular washing and cleaning, occasional polishing and sundry other detailing jobs on priority basis. Apart from personal attention to details, you also need to employ quality grooming products that are manufactured and marketed by Auckland’s premiere maker of car care products, Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd.In case you are not too familiar with these products, hereis a listing of some of the popular items that are  regularly used by motorists in and around  Auckland CBD, Ponsonby or Parnell area.

1. You can use Auto Shine Car Wash 107 to wash and clean the body of your vehicle which will help removal of dirt, dust, bird droppings, acid rain traces and all other pollutants  that damage the expensive paintwork of your car, bike and boat, but does not harm its protective top coat.

2. You can use Auto Shine Allkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114 to clean the fashionable alloy wheels of your car to save them from harmful road salt and brake dust that invariably collect on them.

3. You may also use a combo product called Auto Shine Gold Medal Wash & Wax 113, which will help both cleaning and polishing your vehicle.

4. Use Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo CG107 to clean your car’s synthetic floorboard carpets.

5. Use Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Poilsh HTD1, which is a polymer based polish with fine abrasive for removal of oxidation, while providing swirl-free reflective finish.

6. If you prefer spray polish for your vehicle, bike or boat, then go for Auto Shine Final Inspection 129A.

7. You may also go for Auto Shine Wet look Polish HTW1, which is a creamy mix of imported wax, along with durable polymers that leaves superb glossy effect on most paint surfaces.

8. To get rid of stale tobacco stench from  the interior of your car, use Auto Shine Anti Tobacco Fragrance CG113A.


Over and above, you may use the following Restorers and Solvents also  made and marketed by Auto Shine Car Care Products ltd to prolong the effective life of your car, bike or boat that you can buy online by way of visiting the company’s website and clicking on the desired product. Shipping takes place within 48 hours payment clearance through your credit card.



  • Extra Shine 109A is a silicone based product that is used for dressing bumpers
  • New Look Tyre & Rubber dressing CG120A is a water based silicone tyre dressing
  • Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A is a water based silicone-free tyre treatment compound.



  • All Rounder Tire Paint is self-explanatory
  • Preparation Solvent 133A is a slower drying solvent
  • Retyre Tire Paint 116A  is a cost effective cousin of the Allrounder.
  • Super Degreaser 112A is a blend of solvents and surfactants that is used to degrease messy engine parts.
  • Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118A is a blend of solvents that is used to melt tar, glue and wax on car
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