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AutoShine4u Proves Great for Detailing Neil’s Ark

AutoShine4u Proves Great for Detailing Neil’s Ark

The coastal region of Auckland (New Zealand’s most populous city) has witnessed intense boating activities since time immemorial. The sheltered waters of the Waitemata Harbor and Hauraki Gulf on the east, as well as the Manakau and Kaipara Harbors to the west have long been used for recreational boating purposes by New Zealand’s ever growing boating community.

Since Polynesian voyager Kupe sailed into New Zealand sometime in 950 AD, while Ablel Tusman in 1642 and British explorer James Cook doing the same in 1790, New Zealanders seem to have boats cruising through their veins.

Auckland resident Neil Parker proved no exception in nurturing this innate NZ passion, his only heartache revolving round his lack of knowledge about how best to look after his newly acquired recreation boat.  However, this was eventually resolved when friend Harry introduced him to Warren, owner of AutoShine4u, an Auckland based premiere car, bike and boat detailing company.

“Your Porsche sedan, Harley-Davidson Sportster Superflow bike and Luxury Recreation Boat not only constitute an essential  part of your much needed recreation, but also is a form of valuable investment that needs constant care and maintenance” argued the vehicle and boat grooming veteran. “So far as cleaning, polishing and restoration is concerned” added Warren, the product that works for cars works equally well for bikes and boats” he added. In fact, you can use some of the products that are made and marketed by Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd (autoshine.co.nz), another well known Auckland based company.

Washing the boat

While large passenger liners maintain a crew of skilled persons that keep on cleaning, polishing and painting the ship on round-the-clock basis, privately owned small recreation boats need that attention once in a month, courtesy the owner. However, to execute the boat washing process, you need a bucket, a lint free soft rag, some quantity of Autoshine Car Wash 107B and an all-purpose brush. Incidentally, Autoshine Car Wash 107B is a cleaning concentrate that will give a sparkle to your recreation boat without harming the paint or the protective coating that saves the paintwork from coming into direct contact with the water. Also, this product is considered to be a mild oxidation remover and safer to use, as compared to common household detergents.

Nevertheless, give your boat a good rinse job first, starting from the top working your way to the bottom getting all the dust particles off the canvas, glass, plastic and deck areas. This is one way of executing safe cleaning without effecting scratch marks on these materials or places since you will be removing the dust only by damping the dust particles.

Helpful tip: Rinse your boat as much as you possibly can. Just by rinsing your boat with freshwater, you will substantially reduce the amount of time needed to wash and polish the boat. It does not take that much time at all to do at the end of a day and is a very good form of preventative maintenance.

Polishing the boat

Now that you have washed and cleaned your boat, you need to polish it up to heighten its visual appeal. But before attempting to do that, you seem to have forgotten an important issue – cleaning the hull and removal of traces of algae and other debris that get attached to this important section of your lovely boat. However, you can easily achieve this purpose if you use Autoshine Preparation Solvent 113C which proves very effective in eliminating these offensive substances from the hull of a boat or ship. Just allow a few minutes for the solvent to work out and then wash it off with plenty of water.

However, after the boat has been thoroughly washed and cleaned, you may start polishing the boat by using Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1, which is a polymer based polish containing traces of fine abrasive that will eliminate minor levels of oxidation and scratch marks without damaging the gelcoat, yet giving a swirl free reflective gloss to the entire boat. (Gelcoat, incidentally, is a material that is used to provide a quality finish on the visible surface of boats). Of course, you may also use higher quality Carnauba wax for the same purpose but that will make bigger dents in your pocket and would perhaps serve no useful purpose. In any case, you need to buff off the polish with vigorous movement of your arm or use a power buffer.

Useful Tips -

  1. Do not apply the polish all over the boat surface at a time; select smaller areas to polish and then combine these.
  2. Do not allow the polish to dry up, because in that case it would be extremely difficult to remove the stains.
  3. Do not try to polish your boat under a scorching sun.


Autoshine products are available in several packing, and so you may order the quantity that will suit you best, while the ordering process is as simple as visiting their website and clicking on the product you intend to buy along with the relevant remittance through your credit card. So, whenever you wish to wash and polish your boat, order Autoshine products. Delivery is assured within 24 hours payment clearance.

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