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Autoshine Today is a Household Name

Autoshine Today is a Household Name

Autoshine today is a household name amongst people who use, buy, sell and generally deal in automobiles all over New Zealand because of its premium quality car care and grooming products. Why car alone, their products are equally effective for bikes, boats as also for RVs or recreational vehicles. But do you know the secret behind such phenomenal success?

To begin with, the success story spans almost a quarter of a century. The company’s glorious journey started in 1990 and has covered twenty five eventful years with never a slip or slide. Then there is the amazing array of products that takes care of each and every item in a contemporary car – from cleaning fluid for the car body to restorative coat for the tire.  What is more, Autoshine products are environmentally safe and at the same time are highly suitable for domestic use.  And lastly, their products have come out triumphantly after being subjected to rigorous test by Car Care Professionals, Car Rental Companies, Trucking Companies, Car valets and Car Dealers.

However, Autoshine Car Care products revolve round five basic categories comprising Cleaners, Polishes, Fragrance, Restorers and Solvents. Here is a gist of these highly effective items.



  • Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114B is a powerful acid concentrate for alloy wheels, bull bars and alloy trays. Best to be used on non-coated wheels SHOULD BE USED WITH CAUTION.
  • Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114C is also a powerful acid concentrate for cleaning alloy wheels. Similar cautionary terms applicable here.
  • Car Wash 107A is a cleaning concentrate that gives sparkle to automotive paintwork but needs minimum effort or physical force.
  • Car Wash 107B – Same as 107A.
  • Car Wash 107C – Same as 107B
  • Gold Medal Citrus Hand Cleaner GMHC1  is a citrus based hand cleaner to help clean hands sans causing any harm to hands.
  • Glass Tint Glue Remover  is used for removal of tint glue from car windows.


  • Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1 is a polymer polish with fine abrasive for removal of minor levels of oxidization as also scratches that produces a swirl free reflective gloss.
  • Detox Blue Magic Polish HTD5 is available in 5L packing while Detox Blue Magic Polish HTD500 is available in 500L packing, both having similar properties.
  • Final Inspection 129A will keep a vehicle clean sans any washing. It can be sprayed on paint and glass surfaces and then buffed of with a fresh piece of clothe to obtain a showroom shine. This item is available in two more packing, such as 5L and 20L.


  • Anti Tobacco Fragrances CG113A is a general purpose spray deodorizer for instant elimination of odor emanating from stale tobacco, food particles and sundry other offensive articles.  This item is also available in two other packing sizes, such as 5L and 20L.
  • Fragrance Sachets are slow release fragrance bags that keep the car flagrant all the while.


  • Extra Shine 109A is a silicone based product that is used for dressing automobile engines, Bumpers and similar objects. This product is available in 3 package sizes – 1L, 5L and 20L respectively.
  • New Look Tire & Rubber Dressing CG120A is a water based silicone tire dressing, which is also available in 3 package sizes as above.
  • Pearl Tire Dressing CG106A is a water based silicone-free tire dressing that changes the look of old tires, adds new life into them.
  • Reviver 111A is a water based dressing that contains silicone emulsion specially developed for use on internal trim of a vehicle. This product is also available in 3 package sizes.
  • Super Shine 110C is a concentrated silicone based product that keeps a car’s tires and bumpers looking new for quite sometime.


  • All Rounder Tire Paint is a solvent based paint that can be used under guards, tires and metal parts as well.
  • Black Satin Spray Paint is an aerosol paint which is ideal for bull bars, tow bars, etc.
  • Brake Cleaner CG119A is a solvent based, highly evaporative cleaner suitable for cleaning automobile brake parts. This cleaner is available in several package sizes.
  • Parts Wash 140A is a combination of solvents for cleaning automotive parts either in a parts wash or through spraying and then washing. This product is available in three popular sizes.
  • Preparation Solvent 113C is a slow drying solvent for use as a final wipe down to eliminate wax and sundry other residue from a vehicle’s paintwork. This product is also available in three popular sizes.
  • Retire Tire Paint – Though not concentrated like the All Rounder, it is quite suitable for tires and mud flaps.
  • Super Degreaser 112A is a blend of solvents and surfactants that is ideal for degreasing mechanical parts of the engine, gearbox and other vital components of a car.
  • Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118C is a blend of solvents to remove tar, glue, wax, etc from car body.
  • Tar Remover 138A is also a blend of solvents that helps remove tar from car body.


To purchase any item, please visit the company’s website and then click on the size of product you require adding to your cart or phone to order with your credit card. Product will be shipped to you within 24 hours of payment clearing. You can also avail Special Offers while visiting the site.

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