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Autoshine Products Help Protect Your Investment

Autoshine Products Help Protect Your Investment

Automobiles now provide every conceivable type of amenity one may look for but at the same time cost enormously. While a Model T Ford could be had at US$ 259 (1925), a Cadillac sedan would cost you around US$33,000 today (2015). However, you may call this an investment which must be protected like your property or plant and machinery, so that you may have the highest return at the time of resale.

Incidentally, this reminds me of a legendary Ad copy written by an equally legendary Ad man, David Ogilvy that appeared in the form of a billboard on London’s Piccadilly Circus and created sensation among the motoring public. However, here I am reproducing it for the benefit of my readers.



However, in the case of a car, the protection is defined in the form of adequate upkeep which includes regular washing with Autoshine Car Wash, the ideal cleaning concentrate, as also a few other processes that are listed below. Incidentally, here are some of the reasons that justify the purpose behind washing of your car.

  • Protection of your investment – The better the condition of your car, higher will be its trade-in value. Depending on the value (brand) of your car, regular cleaning equates to large amount of money that can be saved in the long run. Acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and UV damage are just a few of the threats to your car’s condition that can be addressed by regular car care through Autoshine car care products.
  • Safe driving – Washing regularly keeps windshields, rear-view mirrors and signal lights clean. This will help you see more of the road ahead, while others will be able to see your movements better.
  • Improved fuel economy – Cleaner your car, lesser will be the wind resistance. Lesser the wind resistance, lesser wastage of engine power. Net result? More fuel economy.

Tips for washing your car

  • Do not wipe the body of your car with a dry cloth. Tiny particles of dust and grit on the paintwork will leave scratch marks on the surface.
  • Do not wash a car in the hot sun. On one hand, the cold water will cause patches of the hot body to contract which can crack the paint, while on the other it will leave ugly water marks on the body of the car.
  • Before washing the car, hose it down to get rid of the surface dust, instead of using buckets of water as that will interrupt the cleaning process.
  • Use gentle cleaners such as Autoshine car wash 107B, instead of household detergents that are likely to damage the paint protective layer on the car body.
  • Starting from the top, wash one section of the car at a time, before reaching another section. Also, do not forget to rinse the wash mitt thoroughly before proceeding to the next section.

Periodic removal of tar also protects your car

After the washing has been duly completed, you need to remove road tar from your car’s bumpers, grille and headlight assembly. Unless these are regularly removed, these get firmly anchored, eventually turning into eyesores, resulting in fast depreciation and consequent lowering of the vehicle’s resale value. However, you can use  Autoshine Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118C to get rid of these blemishes without causing any permanent damage to the components.

Finally polish your car to give it a lasting protection

A polished car not only has a greater visual appeal but also has better protection from the elements. Moreover, it adds better value to your investment as a polished car will always fetch higher price than shabby looking unpolished vehicle. However, you can achieve the best result if you use Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1 which is a polymer based polish containing traces of fine abrasive powder. It not only eliminates minor level of oxidation [that usually forms on paint surface], but also give a swirl free gloss to the vehicle. However, you need vigorous rubbing to get the final sparkle. Nevertheless, if you want to do a quick job and skip the washing process, then go for Autoshine Final Inspection 129A spray polish which can be sprayed directly on the paint surface and then buffed off with a lint free soft cloth to get a brilliant finish.


Autoshine products are available in several packing, and so you may order the quantity that will suit you best; while the ordering process is as simple as visiting their website and clicking on the product you intend to buy along with the relevant remittance through your credit card. So, whenever you wish to wash and polish your car, order Autoshine car care products. Delivery is assured within 24 hours of payment clearance.

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