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Autoshine for the Flying Machine

Autoshine for the Flying Machine

Aircrafts get dirty too – more than cars and bikes and so need periodic cleaning and polishing

Now, let’s be a bit precise about one thing; cleaning and polishing a small aircraft such as a Cessna 175 neither requires special quality product range nor any singular skill. You can clean and polish your Cessna the same way you clean and polish your Chevy. What however, matters is the technique, which I am elaborating below. But first of all, let us select the products that will help you achieve your mission successfully.

New Zealand (Auckland) based Autoshine (autoshine.co.nz) has been manufacturing and marketing premium quality car detailing products for the last 25 years which are equally effective for cleaning,  polishing and restoring boats, bikes and small aircrafts.

To start with, you can use Autoshine Car Wash 107B, which is a cleaning concentrate that will give a sparkle to your Cessna’s brilliant paintwork. However, you need to dilute the concentrate with adequate amount of water and use a soft piece of cloth for washing and wiping. Incidentally, you are likely to achieve best results when aircraft washing if you compartmentalize the washing process – pay attention to small sections at a time, instead of attempting to wash the whole aircraft at one go.

Commence washing from the tail, because it is the dirtiest area in a small aircraft. You can either use a hose for directing water into that area or can go for power washing to complete the job. Also, work from the top toward the bottom and from the tail towards the nose to get the best result. Another area that needs special attention is one around the engine which invariably gets blackened due to engine exhaust, thus needing additional application of the cleaning concentrate. However, washing the wings and the fuselage hardly pose any problem, as apart from a fine layer of dust mixed with atmospheric moisture settling over these areas, they usually do not suffer from stains.

A word of caution; when directing water jet to the aircraft body - never ever hit two very sensitive areas that include the static ports located on both sides of the fuselage, as also the Pitot tube because these are extremely pressure sensitive, while any fault in their operation will affect the safety of the plane. You also need to be cautious about cleaning the windshield and the Plexiglas windows of your Cessna. Avoid using strong detergent as it would likely cause serious damage to these delicate aircraft components. Also, avoid cleaning your Cessna with water under strong sun as this would leave awful water marks on the body of the aircraft.

However, the worst affected area in your Cessna will be the belly. This area gets perpetually plastered with sludge, oil and grease marks as also with tar. In order to do justice to the belly, you will need to use quite a few products that include Autoshine Super Degreaser 112A  as also Autoshine Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118C.  When properly treated with these two highly effective products, your Cessna will have a clean belly free of any stretch mark.

Now,  that you have successfully cleaned your aircraft, it’s time to give her a coat of polish. You can achieve this in two ways – either in a labor intensive manner or one that will hardly involve much physical strain.

As for the former, you can use Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1 which is a polymer based polish containing traces of fine abrasive powder that will not only eliminate minor level of oxidation that usually forms on paint surface but also scratch marks caused by flying birds coming into contact with the plane while on a flight, but also give a swirl free gloss to the aircraft. However, you need vigorous rubbing to get the final sparkle. On the other hand, if you want to do a quick job and skip the washing process, then go for Autoshine Final Inspection 129A spray polish which can be sprayed directly on the paint surface and then buffed off with a lint free soft cloth to get a brilliant finish.

In case you intend to do a full makeover by cleaning the engine of your Cessna too, use Autoshine Parts Wash 104A which is combination of solvents for cleaning and servicing mechanical components of car and piston engines of small aircrafts.


Autoshine products are available in several packing, and so you may order the quantity that will suit you best, while the ordering process is as simple as visiting their website and clicking on the product you intend to buy along with the relevant remittance through your credit card. So, whenever you wish to wash and polish your bird, order Autoshine products. Delivery is assured within 24 hours payment clearance.

Wishing you safe flying; clean flying.

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