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Auto Shine Rival Major Producers of Car Care Products of the World

Auto Shine Rival Major Producers of Car Care Products of the World

Leave aside the large continents such as the Asia, the Americas and five more that have adequate resources to play their part in regard to production of consumer durables and such other items, some of the smaller island countries like the British Isles (Atlantic Ocean) and New Zealand (Pacific Ocean) are also known for their extensive range of productivity.

Even though it may prove a bit bizarre to compare the economic structure of New Zealand with that of the vastly developed economy of the British Isles (U.K), the former has developed an unique market economy with an estimated gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita of around NZ$47,787.

Notwithstanding the realty that savvy design puts some New Zealand manufactured products in a class of their own; the Kiwi car care products industry is at par with some of the worlds top class car detailing industries. Especially notable among these is Auckland based Auto Shine Car care Products Ltd, a company that has reigned supreme in the country's car detailing industry for more than two successful decades. Whats more, their products were subjected to rigorous tests by several groups that included authentic car enthusiasts, car rental agencies, major trucking companies, car valets and many others and were found most satisfactory.


However, here are some of the most popular auto Shine car care products that are extensively used all over the country.

  1. Auto Shine Car Wash 107 is a safe and environment friendly cleaning concentrate that takes care of dirt and dust, acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and all other water soluble contaminants, yet not hurting the top coating that protects the paintwork.
  1. Auto Shine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner is a highly effective acid concentrate that removes all the road grime and sundry other disagreeable materials from the stylish alloy wheels.
  1. Auto Shine Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A can give a new look to the car tyres.
  1. Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo will help you remove stubborn stains from the cars vinyl carpet.
  1. Auto Shine Reviver 111A is a silicone based emulsion that will revive the original look of all trimmings.
  1. Auto Shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113A instantly removes stale tobacco and other offensive odor from the interior of the car, thus rendering fresh and clean.

Despite the fact that Auto Shine Car Care products are marketed by an effective range of dealers and distributors located all over new Zealand, online purchase of the products is as easy as visiting the company's website?and clicking on the chosen product. Online payment through credit card ensures shipping and delivery within 24 hours of payment clearance.

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