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Auto Shine presents freaky news items for motorists

Auto Shine presents freaky news items for motorists

Auckland based premier automotive grooming products manufacturer Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd provides way-out stories for Kiwis and non-kiwis visiting the Land of the Long White Cloud that include some of the road rules which are simply baffling, while others are, so to say, totally bizarre.   


Rules that forbid enjoying roadside scenery

New Zealand boasts some of the finest sceneries of the world, best viewed from the privacy of your car; some of which are listed below.

Lindis Pass - The key inland thoroughfare on the South Island of New Zealand which connects Christchurch with Lakes Tekapo, Pukaki, Wanaka and Wakatipu provides amazing sights. Even though the entire stretch of the road is just stunning, a part of it stands out more than any other and is known as the  LINDIS PASS. From Lake Wanaka to Lake Pukaki should not take more than a couple of hours, where every minute may be counted as real feast for the eyes.

Queen Charlotte Scenic Road - Between Havelock and Picton, the 40-kilometre twisting road fringed with native forest offers one of the most scenic drives you are ever likely to encounter. Near the Havelock end of the road, a sign simply says 'lookout'. Rural New Zealanders are known for their modest understatement and this sign is a testimony to that penchant. The view out across the Sounds from this spot at Cullens Point is an image that will stay with you for many years.

Te Anu – Milford Sound - If you mingle mountains, rivers and rainforest, along with winding roads, you will have some idea of the journey from Te Anu to Milford Sound. From the moment you leave Te Anau you will be cut off from the civilization (no phone reception) but instantaneously connected to the surrounding nature.. In the end Milford is the top attraction in all of the New Zealand. In the winter look out for weather reports. The crazy windy road can sometimes be closed due to snowfall and you might have to carry snow chains with you.


However, New Zealand road codes will prevent you from savoring these fascinating roadside views since some of these codes consider “Daydreaming, Looking at Sceneries or Roadside attractions are some of the major distractions that lead to accidents, and so are forbidden. You are also “not allowed to eat while driving, hold a person, package or animal (such as a dog) in your lap and need to pull over to pick up anything from the road. “


Most Kiwi drivers have no confidence in other motorists' ability, survey finds

More than 70% of Kiwi drivers have very little or no confidence in the ability of fellow motorists, while more than a third feels unsafe on roads.


A survey by the Automobile Association Driving School, which had almost 3000 responses, also found 85%  of people had witnessed other motorists breaking the speed limit, while 64% had seen drivers drift out of a lane, and 63% had seen someone run a red light.


Driving school general manager Roger Venn said the results showed people were quick to point out other people's mistakes, but were not so quick in recognizing their own.


If we were all driving as well as we think we are, then confidence levels on the road would be a lot higher, he added.


The survey measured whether Kiwis thought of themselves as considerate drivers, and how the purpose of their driving affected their behavior on the road.


The results showed an "incredible level" of lazy and dangerous driving, Venn said.


"One of the main reasons for the lack of confidence in others' abilities is people claiming to see plenty of motorists ignoring basic road rules and road courtesies."


Call to make it mandatory for senior drivers to brush up on road rules

A road safety campaigner has called for older drivers to brush up on road rules with an instructor before renewing their license.

Marlborough Road Safety Council president Nigel Perry, who has been driving for 70 years, says past road safety courses have shown many drivers over the age of 65 have not kept up to date with road rules.



Auto Shine, apart from investing considerable sums of money through R&D, developing new products for their ever increasing clientele, also provide interesting news items for New Zealand motoring community.  

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