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Auto Shine Has Everything That You Ever Need For Your Car

Auto Shine Has Everything That You Ever Need For Your Car

Established in 1990, Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd today is a benchmark of highest quality car care products in the Kiwi Country with nationwide dealers. Marketing our products that range from a variety of cleaners to restorers, that can put life back into your 25 horse power old horse which has been giving you relentless service for all these years!

At the same time, we feel proud about our products that are the outcome of extensive research and experimentation at commercial level to reach the quality label. What’s more, these products have been rigorously tested and found perfect by Car Care Professionals, trucking establishment, valets, rent-a-car Companies and various Car Dealerships. Incidentally, these are equally effective when used on bikes, boats, leisure vehicles and motor homes.

Last but not of least importance is the topic that relates to the convenience offered by us to our buyers. You can have your chosen item (and size) shipped to you within 48 hours of your clicking on the product (on our website) and remittance through your credit card. Meanwhile, take a look at some of our popular products.

Exhaustive Auto Shine Product Range


(a) Alkleen Mag wheel Cleaner 114A is a powerful acid concentrate for cleaning alloy wheels, bull bars and alloy trays.

(b) Car Wash 107A is a cleaning concentrate that provides sparkle to a car’s paintwork.

(c) Car wash 107B & 107C are more or less similar products.

(d) Glass tint Film Glue Remover is used for removal of tint glue from car windows.

(e)  Gold Meal Citrus Hand Cleaner is a citrus based hand cleaner with polybeads.

(f) Gold Medal Wash & Wax 113A is a premium car washing product that contains ‘Carnuaba’ wax.

(g) Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo CG107A is self explanatory.

(h) Quick & Easy 105A is used in engine bays for quick cleaning


Fragrance Products

(a) Anti Tobacco Fragrances CG113A is a generl-purpose spray deodorizer for instant control of stale tobacco, food and sundry other offensive odors

(b) Fragrance sachets are small pouches that contain perfume for refreshing car vinterior air.



(a) Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1 is a polymer based polish with fine abrasive for removal of oxidation and providing swirl-free reflective finis

(b) Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD 5 and HTD500 same as above but more concentrated

(c) Final Inspection 129A is a quick acting spray polish

(d) Quik Shine Polish QUIK1 is a fast on-fast off polish that has been designed for effective application of Carnauba Wax.

(e) Wet Look Polish HTW1 is a rich creamy mix of imported wax, along with durable polymers that leaves high gloss effect on paint surfaces.



(a) Extra Shine 109A is a silicone based product that is used for dressing bumpers

(b) New Look Tyre & Rubber dressing CG120A is a water based silicone tyre dressing

(c) Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A is a water based silicone-free tyre treatment compound.

(d) Reviver 111A is a water based dressing that contains silicone emulsion for use on internal trim of vehicles.

(e) Super Shine 110A is a concentrated silicone based product that can change the appearance of bumpers/tires to look like new.



(a) All Rounder Tire Paint is self-explanatory

(b) Black Satin Spray Paint ASBS 1 (Can) is aerosol paint for motor industry.

(c)  Brake Cleaner CG119A is a highly evaporative solvent based cleaner.

(d) Parts Wash 140A is a blend of solvents for cleaning of parts

(e) Preparation Solvent 133A is a slower drying solvent

(f) Retyre Tire Paint 116A  is a cost effective cousin of the Allrounder.

(g) Super Degreaser 112A is a blend of solvents and surfactants that is used to degrease messy engine parts.

(h) Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118A is a blend of solvents that is used to melt tar, glue and wax on car


Now that you are having an at-a-glance picture of the entire range of Auto shine car care products. You can easily choose the product that you need for your SUV, bike or boat. Go to the company’s website, select the size, click on it and make the remittance, and et voila. Your ordered product will be shipped to within 48 hours. So long!

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