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Auto Shine Comes to the Aid of New Zealand’s Super Bikers

Auto Shine Comes to the Aid of New Zealand’s Super Bikers

Brilliant blue-skies and Alpine air so fresh as to take your breath away, while gentle rolling hills  urge upon you to leave your worldly worries behind. Snow-white mountains towering above gin-clear lakes and sunny meadows keep you captivating for a few glorious moments. An empty road winding and twisting far ahead  into the horizon to soothe your body and mind is an added attraction for bikers. These heavenly moments, however, will all be yours when you get yourself enlisted with ‘Te Waipounamu’- home of South Pacific Motorcycle Tours.

No wonder New Zealanders are so fond of their motorcycles to savor the freedom of space and drive away wherever the eyes can go. Nevertheless,  it is a fairly expensive form of entertainment since their machines cost a fortune, especially when they insist on owning high horse power super gunners. For instance,  a pre-owned Rocket XC motorbike in New Zealand costs around $22,000, while a used Harley-Davidson is often tagged at $20,000 or more. But what matters most revolves round mastering the art of grooming these assets on wheels about which most of the bike aficionados have very little or no knowledge whatsoever, till some of them came to know about Auto Shine car, bike and boat grooming products.

Leading Auckland based Auto Shine car care products Ltd manufactures and markets a wide range of car care products that are equally suitable for grooming high end motorcycles and recreational boats, while a hands-on info is given below as to how such products can actually benefit New Zealanders who own such machines.

Motorcycle grooming tips

Even though Auto Shine car care products that prove most effective in grooming motorcycles are commonly used by most owners, it may be prudent to follow the simple guideline given below while doing the job on your own.

  1. Do not use a sponge while cleaning your motorcycle with Autoshine Car wash 107A, B or C because grit and loose dirt invariably get trapped between your motorcycle’s paintwork and the sponge. As a result, every time you drag the sponge over the paintwork, these particles tend to leave minor scratch marks on it. Opt for a micro-fiber mitt instead. Because of its uneven surface, it will never get attached to it and so you will have less swirl marks.
  1. You will need two buckets – in one you will prepare the washing concentrate Autoshine Car wash 107A,B or c, while the other one will have fresh water. While cleaning the machine, wash out your micro-fiber mitt in the fresh water bucket before dipping it back into the cleaning concentrate. This way you can wash off the majority of excess dirt and dust into the fresh water.
  1. Use a standard hose to wash your bike, training it at the front end and the tail-piece where all the muck tend to build up.
  1. When cleaning the wheels of your motorbike, spray Autoshine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114A on both the wheels and wait for a couple of minutes before working with an alloy wheel brush to clean up areas behind the brake discs and the hub. You can use the hose later to finish the operation. Incidentally, this patented wheel cleaner is also quite effective on the exhaust. Use the same method as on the wheels. Spray-on, wait for a couple of minutes and then rinse off.

Full list of auto shine Car, bike and boat grooming products


(a) Alkleen Mag wheel Cleaner 114A is a powerful acid concentrate for cleaning motorcycle wheels thoroughly and well..

(b) Car Wash 107A, B and C are cleaning concentrates that provide sparkle to a motorcycle’s brilliant paintwork.

(c) Glass tint Film Glue Remover can be used  for removal of tint glue from the motorcycle’s Plexiglas windshield (if the previous owner had applied it) .

(e)  Gold Meal Citrus Hand Cleaner is a citrus based hand cleaner with polybeads which will prove handy after the cleaning operation is over.

(f) Gold Medal Wash & Wax 113A is a premium quality washing product that contains ‘Carnuaba’ wax.

(g) Quick & Easy 105A is used in engine bays for quick cleaning



(a) Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1 is a polymer based polish with fine abrasive for removal of oxidation and providing swirl-free reflective finish 

(b) Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD 5 and HTD500 same as above but more concentrated

(c) Final Inspection 129A is a quick acting spray polish

(d) Quik Shine Polish QUIK1 is a fast on-fast off polish that has been designed for effective application of Carnauba Wax.

(e) Wet Look Polish HTW1 is a rich creamy mix of imported wax, along with durable polymers that leaves high gloss effect on motorcycle paint surfaces.



(a) Extra Shine 109A is a silicone based product that is used for dressing the underside of the front and rear fenders

(b) New Look Tyre & Rubber dressing CG120A is a water based silicone tyre dressing for motorcycle tyres

(c) Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A is a water based silicone-free tyre treatment compound.

(d) Reviver 111A is a water based dressing that contains silicone emulsion for use on motorcycle trims

(e) Super Shine 110A is a concentrated silicone based product that can change the appearance of tires to look like new.



(a) All Rounder Tire Paint is self-explanatory

(b) Black Satin Spray Paint ASBS 1 (Can) is aerosol paint for touch up jobs.

(c)  Brake Cleaner CG119A is a highly evaporative solvent based cleaner.

(d) Parts Wash 140A is a blend of solvents for cleaning of motorcycle parts

(e) Preparation Solvent 133A is a slower drying solvent

(f) Retyre Tire Paint 116A  is a cost effective cousin of the Allrounder.

(g) Super Degreaser 112A is a blend of solvents and surfactants that is used to degrease messy engine parts.

(h) Tar Glue & Spot Remover 118A is a blend of solvents that is used to melt tar, glue and wax that often collect on the front fender of a motorcycle.


Now that you have had a complete picture of the entire range of Auto shine car care products that can be effectively used on your motorcycle, you can easily choose the product that you need by visiting the company’s website, select the size, click on it and make the remittance, and et voila, your ordered product will be shipped to within 48 hours. Incidentally, the website was primarily designed for consumers having cars or automobiles and so  no reference about motorbikes are missing there.

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