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Auto Shine Car Care products will protect your car against elements

Auto Shine Car Care products will protect your car against elements

The first thing that strikes you after you have bought your first car is the maintenance factor because you know very well  that any deficiency in that zone will greatly affect the life of your car as also its resale value. The next issue obviously relates to choosing the right grooming products that are necessary to protect your car from the elements and keep it ship shape till you sell it off to buy a newer model after a few years of use.


However, your selection process in choosing the right car care product for your car is likely to depend on the following factors.

  • Word of mouth note of appreciation
  • Whether time-tested or not
  • Reaction among industry related people

To be honest about it, car care products manufactured and marketed by Auckland based Auto shine Car Care Products Ltd satisfactorily addresses all the above as the following facts will reveal.

  • Auto Shine is a household product name in Auckland and its suburbs among people who own cars, motor bikes, Motor homes and leisure boats.
  • Auto Shine has been in business since more than a couple of decades, while its numerous dealers and distributers market its products throughout the country since long.
  • Auto Shine products have been duly tested and found faultless by car care professionals, car rental companies, major trucking companies, car valets, etc.

Over and above, Auto shine Car Care Products are environmentally safe to use while these are ideally suited for domestic use such as cleaning and polishing the refrigerator and various furniture and fittings.


Range of Auto Shine Car Care Products

Auto Shine Car Wash 107 is a cleaning concentrate that effectively cleans the outer shell of a vehicle.

Auto Shine Alkleen  Mag Wheel Cleaner 114A that effectively cleans trendy alloy wheels of a car.

Auto shine Pearl Tire Dressing CG106A revives the look of worn out tires

Auto Shine Glass Tint Remover removes the tint glue from window glasses.

Auto shine Liquid Extracta Carpet shampoo CG 107 can effectively clean a car’s floorboard carpet.

Auto Shine Quick & Easy 105A is useful for cleaning a car’s engine bay.

Auto shine Reviver 111A cleans the interior trimmings of a car.

Auto Shine  Anti Tobacco Fragrance controls the stench of stale tobacco  in cars.

Incidentally, all the car care products listed above are also quite effective for grooming your high horse power motorbike and leisure boat, though the process of application may differ to some extent. For instance, you should not try to direct a jet of water to your bike’s engine where it may interfere with its ignition system, creating starting problems later.

Also, you need to be more careful while using water in the cabin of your leisure boat as you have to bilge out most of it through a bilge pump.

As for ordering Auto Shine products, all you have to do is to visit the company’s website  click on the exact size of the product and remit the necessary fund through your credit card. Shipment is assured within 24 hours of payment clearance.

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