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Auto Shine Car Care Products Contain a Bit of Their Heart Admixed in Them

Auto Shine Car Care Products Contain a Bit of Their Heart Admixed in Them

When it comes to selecting grooming products for your brand new Alfa Romeo Spider 4C, there is nothing to beat those made and marketed by Auckland based Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd for the simple reason that they literally fall in love with beautiful cars (the same way we do it quietly with beautiful girls) and so do their best in grooming it like an adorable bride-to-be!. Whenever they can spot a Ferrari or a Jaguar F-Type coupe speeding along the Queen Street, heading towards the downtown ferry terminal, they fall for it! As a result, their products not only contain the best ingredients that are commercially available in the country but also a bit of their heart admixed in them. As a consumer, what more do you expect?

Nevertheless, apart from the love and affection part of it, Auto Shine car grooming products have gone through rigorous testing by nationwide car dealers, noted car care professionals, major trucking groups, car rental agencies and car valets who have unanimously appreciated the high quality factor in most of their products. This reality alone has fixed several feathers in their cap.


However, here is a gist of some of their fast selling products, while more detailed information may be collected from their website.

i. Auto Shine Car Wash 107 is a safe and environment friendly cleaning concentrate that takes care of dirt and dust, acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and all other water soluble contaminants, yet not harming the top coating that protects the paintwork.

ii. Auto Shine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner is a highly effective acid concentrate that removes all the road grime and sundry other disagreeable materials from the stylish alloy wheels.

iii. Auto Shine Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A can give a new look to the car tyres.

iv. Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo will help you remove stubborn stains from the car’s vinyl carpet.

v. Auto Shine Reviver 111A is a silicone based emulsion that will revive the original look of all trimmings.

vi. Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1, which is a polymer based polish with traces of abrasive compound that removes mild form of oxidation on the paint surface while bestowing fabulous sheen to the car’s body shell.

vii. Auto Shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113A instantly removes stale tobacco and other offensive odor from the interior of the car, thus rendering fresh and clean.


Surprisingly enough, all these products are equally effective on Stretch Limos RVs, Mobile Homes, Caravans, Motorbikes, Mopeds, Fancy boats, etc.



Irrespective of whether you own an expensive sedan/ convertible, a V8 powered motorbike or a Salt Water Fishing Boat; you need to pay attention to its maintenance as otherwise even the best of them will depreciate fast. So, visit Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd, select the item that suits you best and buy the products online today. You will not regret it, I may assure you.

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