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All that Glitters is not Gold, Nevertheless…..

All that Glitters is not Gold, Nevertheless…..

Even though all that glitters is not gold, Auto Shine Car Care Products nevertheless ensure a golden gloss for your SUV, regardless of whether it has just been rolled out of the assembly line or one that has survived quite a few harsh winters. The secret behind that captivating sheen is, of course, the unique formulations of the products.


Take, for instance, Auto Shine’s most popular product,  Auto Shine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD1. Along with the natural properties of carnauba wax that gives a brilliant shine to the car’s paintwork, it also contains a number of ingredients that include a mild form of abrasive capable of removing traces of oxidation often found hidden under the paint surface.  Besides, it is:

  • Practically insoluble in water and so would not immediately fade away after each wash or a thundershower.
  • Has a melting point ranging from 82 to 86° C and so will withstand the fierce summer heat, thereby protecting your car’s paint for long number of days.
  • A proprietary formulation that contains several elements that work collectively to produce that extraordinary gleam when used appropriately.
  • Flatten out the surface to ensure all-round reflection of the light, thus producing a superbly polished appearance.

The same is true with other Auto shine Car Care Products, such as:

  • Auto Shine Car Wash 107 which is an environment friendly cleaning concentrate that is capable of thoroughly removing all dirt and dust; acid rain, road salt, bird droppings and a multitude of water soluble contaminants that try to distort the look of your lovely car.
  • Auto Shine Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner which is a highly effective acid concentrate that can magically remove all the road grime and sundry other offensive substances from the trendy alloy wheels of your stylish sports car.
  • Auto Shine Pearl Tyre Dressing CG106A gives a new look to your car tyres.
  • Auto Shine Liquid Extracta Carpet Shampoo helps you remove stubborn stains from your car’s vinyl carpet.
  • Auto Shine Reviver 111A, which is a silicone based emulsion that can revive the original look of all your car’s trimmings, both external and internal.
  • Auto Shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113A instantly removes stale tobacco and other offensive odor from the interior of the car, thus rendering it a fresh and clean sensation.

Incidentally, the reputation of Auckland based Auto shine Car Care Products have not been built in a day. It has taken years of experimenting with various ingredients to select the right material that will give the best results. Auto Shine grooming products have also gone through extensive testing by the country’s leading car care professionals, nationwide car dealers, major trucking groups, car rental agencies and car valets who have unanimously certified the products.



Irrespective of whether you own a SUV, a powerful motorbike or a leisure boat to cruise through New Zealand’s fascinating coastline, you need to pay special attention towards the maintenance of these luxury objects as otherwise these may soon turn into absolute junks. So, visit the website of the company (www.autoshine.co.nz) right away, choose the product that suits you best  and order online by clicking on these. Delivery is assured within 48 hours of payment verification through credit card.

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