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A Word or Two about your Car

A Word or Two about your Car

Prior to launching a lesson on how to take care of your car, let me go back a while and reminisce the days when cars were merely means of transportation. In those far off days, they were justly called automobile, meaning something that can move on its own power. Ford Model A, Lancia Lamda, Bugatti Type 35, Hanomag 2 are some of the examples that represent that era.


However, today, cars are considered to be the extensions of their owners. They are cherished, polished and thoroughly pampered by their owners like near and dear ones. They also bring forth a wide range of emotions, starting from falling in love with them to shedding tears when they become blemished as a result of road accidents. There are also incidents in which passengers are killed while taking joy rides, on account of their own follies. Legendary American dancer Isadora Duncan who was fond of displaying her flowing scarves lost her life when the silk scarf draped around her neck got accidentally entangled around the open-spoke wheel of the car in which she was travelling. Her neck was broken before any medical aid could reach her!


Nevertheless, the pampering continued, albeit covering a more practical purpose that of preservation and protection of your car from the elements. Various chemicals and compounds were invented to safeguard the life of the car as also to retain its glossy showroom look. Among some of the entrepreneurs heading companies that joined the car care product bandwagon, Auckland based Auto shine Car Care Products Ltd comes to the forefront. However, there is a big difference between Auto Shine car care products and sundry other manufacturers that produce similar items. Auto Shine products are ecofriendly, which means that they do not pollute the environment when used. What's more, they are free from causing any occupational hazard, no matter how often they are applied or worked with.


Lets now get into the heart of the matter, namely, how to take care of your car in a realistic way. Nevertheless, the following paragraphs will guide you in this matter in a friendly fashion.


a) To begin with, the first step towards caring your car entails thorough washing. Auto Shine Car Wash 107 takes adequate care of this. Washing your car with water in which some quantity of this product is mixed ensures complete removal of dirt and dust, bird droppings, tree saps, traces of acid rain and many other harmful substances that are responsible for damaging the paintwork, while keeping the protective top coat intact.


b) For cleaning the alloy wheels of your car (standard feature of most contemporary cars), Auto Shine Mag Wheel cleaner works best. It helps cleaning and restoring the original look and appeal of the wheels like nothing else. Most importantly, this chemical has the power to eliminate road salt from the wheels thoroughly and well.


c) As for waxing and polishing your car to mirror finish nothing can beat Auto shine Blue Magic Polish, when applied liberally and the polishing is done by hand and not by machine.


d) For removal of road tar from the fenders in a sure shot way, use Auto shine Tar Remover where perfection is ? ?achieved sans doing any back breaking job.


e) Amazingly enough, the company also considers adding a sense of ecstasy and joy for you by turning the interior of your car into a flagrant cabin when you spray it with Auto Shine Anti-Tobacco Fragrance CG113 for a couple of seconds.



Regardless of whether you own a 1920 Model A Ford sedan or a 2016 Porsche convertible, Auto Shine Car Care products will provide you with most satisfactory result for both in a most cost effective way. Buy any product online and test the efficacy today, if you do not believe me.

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