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A private company’s contribution goes along way

A private company’s contribution goes along way

Among the private and public sector companies in New Zealand dealing in consumer goods, few can rival Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd in regard to its contribution towards minimizing the depreciative value of automobiles, either in terms of accounting (book value) or in actual realty (trade-in value). Auto Shine, along with its sister concern Shyn4U, yet another landmark company, known for its car detailing expertise have been enlightening motorists all over the land of the kiwis for more than a decade  about how best to look after their cars, bikes and luxury boats. A few of their valued arguments in regard to keeping a car’s resale value top most are recounted below.

Why it is Important to Wash and Clean Your Car on Regular Basis –

Apart from the aesthetic value (a clean shipshape car looks more appealing than an unclean dirty looking car), regular washing and cleaning a car prolongs it service life for the following reasons.

As you drive away your car (or have parked the vehicle outdoors) dust and dirt blow around and settle down on it. Then there is atmospheric moisture (especially towards nighttime) that too follows suit. The result is a semi-solid dust coating that engulfs the car in no uncertain manner that refuses to go off by mere dusting. Now, what happens if this state of affairs is allowed to continue for days on end? Permanent damage caused to the protective top layer of the paintwork. This, precisely, it is the beginning of the end of the brilliant finish of your car, resulting in poor and pitiable trade-in value of your mobile asset. However, this could be prevented, if you had washed and cleaned your with Auto Shine brand Carwash 107 which would have removed all the dust and dirt, along with bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain from the body of your car, yet keeping the top coat undisturbed. As a result, your car would have retained its showroom look, thus fetching maximum trade-in value.

How and why Bird Droppings Can Ruin Your Car’s Paintwork -

For decades, motorists thought that acid in bird lime was to blame for unsightly blemishes and patches on their cars' paintwork. But the myth was busted not long ago by an Auckland based car detailing Products Company.   .

 According to car care products manufacturer, Auto Shine Car Products Ltd, the damage actually results from cooling paint lacquer which contracts and hardens around the deposits.

 The firm's researchers say that when paint lacquer warms ( in sunlight),  it softens and expands. At the same time, the heat dries and hardens bird droppings on the surface. But as the paint lacquer cools again, such as overnight, it contracts, hardens and moulds itself around the texture of the bird dropping.

 To test its theory, the company’s chemists attacked the paintwork with strongly acidic, neutral and strongly alkali bird dropping substitutes, with insignificant differences in the damage caused. However, differences in paint damage were noted when the substitute bird deposits had varying degrees of grain-to-liquid content. A grainier texture caused greater light distortion (dullness) when the paint moulded around it. But lo and behold, the problem could be nipped in the bud if you had washed and cleaned your car with Auto Shine brand Car wash 107 on regular basis, thus retaining it trade-in value.

What is Acid Rain and How it Harms Your Car -

 According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) USA, acid rain is defined as a ‘broad term referring to a mixture of wet and dry [deposited material] from the atmosphere from the atmosphere containing higher than normal amounts of Nitric and Sulfuric acids.’

 In fact, anything falling down from the sky can be classified as acid rain. This incorporates dew, rainwater, snow and sleet.  Most, or all, of these elements settle on your car, and can cause major problems when it comes to the vehicle’s exterior. The acidity in the water can cause the paint and even the metal to weaken over time.  

 According to the EPA, damage is caused when the acid material is left behind on a car’s surface after water evaporates. The acidic compound combined with other elements (such as sunlight) can be strong enough to eat away the paint.

 Vide recent reporting; the New York Times cites that vehicles with a clear coat are more vulnerable to the damage acid rain causes. The finish, used since the early 1990’s, is mirror-like and can highlight defects. According to research conducted by the EPA, there will be “irregularly shaped, permanently etched areas” on a car’s surface if it has been impacted by acid rain. The organization suggests that the best way to prevent this damage from happening is to make sure vehicles are washed frequently. Furthermore, hand drying the car or completely covering a vehicle when precipitation is in the forecast is also suggested. Needless to say, a thorough wash of your car with Auto Shine brand Car Wash 107 can resolve the problem easily and quickly.

 Despite all the arguments sponsored by Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd in favor of reducing the depreciation of cars, bikes and boats in New Zealand, people would fail to benefit by it unless they use the company’s products in washing and cleaning their prized passions on regular basis.

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