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A New Car Needs as Much Attention as Your Old Jalopy

A New Car Needs as Much Attention as Your Old Jalopy

When buying a new car, the owner oftentimes asks the dealership guy if the car needs detailing from the next day as part of the maintenance procedure. “No fears” quick comes the reply. “It’s a brand new car, Sir”, he adds with a reassuring grin; “not till you drive around for a month or so”. But don’t you ever think of paying heed to such flawed submissions. A new car needs attention right from the day one to protect it from the vagaries of nature.

Right from the very moment you have driven your dream car out from the showroom you are exposing it to a multitude of hazards that include environmental dust and dirt, slime and sludge, road salt, bird’s dropping, as well as UV rays – all of which consistently cause damage to your car’s interior and the outer shell.

New car owners also harbor a vague idea that the layer of clearcoat on their car’s paintwork will protect it against the elements forever. This isn’t true at all. The clearcoat actually is a colorless transparent paint that helps enhance the depth of the color of the paint used on the car, while giving it that extra shine. It is not a highly effective protecting agent, either that can shield the car’s paintwork for years together sans any maintenance.


Four-Step Car Care Mantra

Wash >> Clean >> Restore >> Polish constitutes the four-step car care mantra that will protect your car against all natural hazards while keeping its ‘resale value’ much above its calculated  ‘book value’ if and when you intend to sell the vehicle off at a later date.



The first structured stanza of the five-step car care mantra is Wash. It means that you need to wash your car, regardless of whether it is a brand new SUV or a battered Ford, on a regular basis. However, you are likely to be confronted with an issue at this stage as to the selection of the right detergent that is to be used for this purpose. While a stronger cleansing agent may corrode the clearcoat, thus making the original paintwork susceptible to quick fading, a much too light solution will not prove effective at all.

Luckily enough, the answer to this problem is near at hand in the form of Autoshine Car wash 107A, manufactured and marketed by Auckland based  Autoshine Car Care Products Ltd. This is a highly effective cleaning concentrate that will help you wash your car without ever damaging the original protective covering that guards the stunning body color of your car, yet help remove the fine film of dirt and dust that have collected on the car body. It is also easy to use and easy to remove after the washing is over. However, the areas that need more attention during washing of the car body are the windshield, windshield wiper blades as also the rear window and the parking lights that collect lot of road grime.




The second structured stanza of the four-step car care mantra is Clean. Even though cleaning may seem synonymous with washing, the former involves more  physical labor than the latter. For instance, compared to washing the car body with Autoshine Car wash 107A, cleaning the alloy wheels of the car plastered with mud  and smudge with Autoshine Mag Wheel Cleaner 114B may prove to be a tougher job.

Since the car’s rubber tyres also need  to be cleaned along with the alloy wheels, you can jolly well perform that task by using Autoshine Extra Shine 109B, which is a silicone based tyre dressing that instantly changes that old and  decrepit look prevalent in over used tires  into  new and smarter manifestation.



Restoration, which is the third structured stanza of the four-step car care mantra, is also a form of regular procedure that keeps the car shipshape. It involves both the outer shell of the car as also its interior upholstery. As for the exterior, the most troublesome job entails removal of road tar that often gets deposited on bumpers, grilles and parking lights. Nevertheless, if you select Autoshine blend of solvents for removal of these disagreeable substances from the car body, you will find the job to be an easier one.

Occasional application of Autoshine Final Inspection, which is a quick restoration spray fluid, immediately restores the showroom sheen in any car, new or used. Apart from its magical effect, it is easy to use and less laborious when compared to regular wax based polishes. 



Polishing, being the fourth and last structured stanza of the four-step car care mantra, that turns   a scruffy looking car to a mirror finish provides the best satisfaction for most car owners. Even though mechanized polishing devices have relieved people of the associated labor involved in polishing a car till the desired result is achieved, its effect appears to be somewhat lesser as compared to the brilliance that comes out through vigorous rubbing with a dampened cloth.

However, people who have polished their vehicles by using Autoshine Deox Blue Magic Polish HTD5 have reportedly expressed their experience by suggesting that lesser physical effort is required when using this brand of car polish.



Auckland based Auto Shine Car Care Products Ltd tops the list in manufacturing and selling highest quality products for the last 25 years or so all over the country. Apart from bringing back the original glimmer and spark, Auto Shine car care products also ensure better durability and longer service life to cars, bikes and boats when used on a regular basis.


Also, since all Autoshine car care products are available in different sizes to suit individual users, you can order online any item that you prefer merely by clicking on the image as it appears on the company’s website.

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