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A Cost Effective and Damage - Free Way of Cleaning Cars At Home

A Cost Effective and Damage - Free Way of Cleaning Cars At Home

Fernando Rodriguez, an upcoming fashion designer in Auckland, while on a casual conversation with a friend went on the subject of car maintenance. According to Fernando, car maintenance was difficult to be done single handedly. Besides, giving the car over to professional cleaners may cost more, but at least there’s no damage.

He says,” You know, since I’ve bought my new car, I’m constantly worried over how much I’ll spend in cleaning it. You won’t believe the bills at the end of the month!

Santigo Maxmiliano, his friend agreed with him, but only partially,”I do agree with you that maintaining a car is quite costly. However, I also believe that if it is done smartly, then you can bring down the costs considerably.”

,”Hey! You have a car. Can you tell me exactly what problems you face in vehicle maintenance and how you deal with it?”

,”Sure things bro! The first thing you need to understand that there are some specific disadvantages in cleaning cars at home. For instance, we generally use a normal hose pipe, right? But do you know that using one of these brings a chance of getting the car’s surface damaged? A wash done by a normal hose can leave permanent marks on the surface. This happens because the force of water or its pressure is simply too great.”


What a study by University of Texas tells us

According to studies by the University of Texas, it has been found that cars showed particular scratches on their surface when done by a normal garden hose pipe. Let’s say that the car’s paint has a thickness of 10 units. Well, every wash with a garden hose pipe eats away 1/10 of the car’s finish. According to the study, this happens because a garden hose is unable to offer the appropriate level of pressure. Apart from the subtle damages, it does not give you anything but a dull wash finish.


An alternative to high-priced professional car cleaning services

“Another alternative is to give your car to be serviced. However, these professional companies charge quite a lot. Sure, if you have a lot of money to spare, you can go for them. However, like I said, that if you act smartly you can save quite a lot. You do not even need to go to the professional cleaners. I personally purchase products from Auto Shine and use it to clean my car every single time.”

Fernando used various car care products of the company Auto Shine such as Alkleen Mag Wheel Cleaner 114A 20 liters, Anti Tobacco Fragrances CG113C 1l, Final Inspection 120C 1l, Extra Shine 109B 5l and Black Satin Spray Paint ASBS 1 Can. He says that these products do not cost a lot. In fact, they are quite cost effective. For instance, one ounce of the cleaning solution dissolves with a gallon of lukewarm water. Therefore, the cleaning solutions shall last for a long time. And the best thing is, says Fernando, that these high quality car care supplies will not damage the surface at all. They shall deliver quality results each and every time. However, one may need to invest in a proper industrial grade hose pipe.

Today, we have various kinds of cars on the market. The problem is, although we normally think so, they cannot be cleaned in the same way. However, if you have products which are versatile and can clean various vehicles, then you save a lot of money. The car care supplies of Auto Shine are known to be used or personal cars, trucks, small boats and ever small airplanes!

Auto Shine is one of the largest producers of car cleaning and maintenance solutions in New Zealand. It offers you various kinds of products ranging from cleaners, solvents, restorers and fragrances.

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